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10 Things You Should Remember When You Visit Paraguay

Updated on September 20, 2011

In the lower portion of South America Lies a distinct and very unique country that is admired for its Ecological, Historical, and cultural heritage. One visit to this country will instantly make you fall in love with it and its people. Traveling to this unique land locked country with let you experience all of what Paraguay has to offer. Here are some suggestions if you are able to make it to help make your stay that much better.

1.) Iguassu Falls

Iguassu Falls lies in the border of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay, churning some 553-m3 of water per second down its 269 feet. These Falls are centrally located in the ecological heart of the forest It is one of the most recommended places for nature lovers travelers and photographers who want to experience and capture one of the most magnificent falls in all of south America.

2.) Ciudad del Este

One of the most popular places to go shopping is in Cuidad Del Este and the bustling flea market that has hundreds of things to see and to do. People will scurry across the street like ants scurrying there supplies for their homes. You can get some really great bargains in this area so come early and shop walk and tastes a different side of the life of a Paraguayans life

3.) Museum of the Guarani Land

One of the most visited places for a historical perspective in Paraguay is in the Museum of Guarani. You can submerse yourself in the ancient history of occupation, culture and tradition that will go back over 10 thousand years. This is a great way to learn about many aspects of Paraguayan culture so go and check it out while you’re down there.

4.) Refugio Biológico Tatí Yupí

Paraguay is in the process of building and expanding a national refuge after the building of the Itaipu Dam. They are making a wonderful example of how modern and natural landscapes can function together to create something useful to man but not destroy nature in the process. The dams shadow protects a wide area of forested land and it is prohibited from disturbing the natural order of things in this area. It also is one of the sublime locations for some of the wonderful ecological tours that you can take on horseback, hiking or by helicopter. After your trip through the forest you can then come back and camp under the stars ad is a must for people who are staying nearby.

5.) Casa de la Independencia

There is a great pride in the country for building called Casa de la Independencia. For three hundred years the country of Paraguay was colonized, There was a unfairness felt in this tiny jurisdiction with the natives so in 1811 they all decided to stand up in one voice and declare no more. It is amazing to see and read about the history of the revolution in Paraguay remember to bring a dictionary or knowledge of the Spanish language because most of the texts and communication will be in full Spanish.

6.) The Chaco

The Chaco is national park is one of the largest parks in the southern hemisphere covering not only Paraguay but also Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia. The Gran is a place to enjoy the best ecological and biodiversity that South America has to offer. In this protected range are extensive collections of natural animals, avian birds, and bugs. In Paraguay you can enjoy the varying topographical conditions in the country and see and hear the people who continue to this day to maintain there original cultural heritage.

7.) Asado

There is one food that if you go you will have to savor that is ASADO. Asado is a selection of grilled meats roasted in a open fire. This is one of the more poular dishes in Paraguay, thanks to a large butcher market and cattle hustlers in the area. Anywhere you go in the country you will never run out of this delicacy.

8.) Asuncion

This is another famous historical place in Paraguay. It is one of the few places that you will see some of the original architecture built by some of Paraguay’s founding fathers. You can enjoy a number of different events and colorful festivals throughout the year. You can dance your way into the crowd and lose control of your soul as you inhale the deep aroma of the Paraguay culture.

9.) Lago Ypacari

This is a very unique lake with a very interesting legend that surrounds it. It is one of the few lakes in the are regarded as scared by the locals. This lake is thought to have magical curing powers so when you take a dip make sure you enjoy the healing properties of the lake and come out completely refreshed. But, you can also enjoy a number of water sports and parasailing on here as well.

10.) Trinidad & Jesús

Trinidad & Jesús is a Jesuit settlement in Paraguay built for religious, educational and defensive measures. You can hire a local tour guide that speaks English German and Spanish so need to worry about language barriers. With this you can enjoy an extensive tour around the area and then camp out near the local ruins.

These are just a few of the things you can do on your trip to Paraguay. There are many more things to learn explore and see. If you would like some additional information o Paraguay lease visit my website at


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