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Cheap Airline Tickets to Uruguay | Discount Flights to Montevideo

Updated on November 2, 2010

Cheap Airline Tickets To Uruguay

Travelers to Montevideo, Uruguay are going to find the search for cheap flights to Uruguay are more difficult to find than other South American destinations like Colombia or Peru. There are good prices on flights to be found and you will have more success if you can fly out of certain cities. The number of major airlines offering flight service to Uruguay is very low so the competition is less than in South American countries such as Colombia, Peru and Brazil.

Travel Search Engines

As Uruguay is not considered a major destination, most travel search engines like Travelocity do not have their flexible travel dates feature enabled. The flexible travel dates is a great tool when searching for flights because you can choose to have the search engine look for the best priced flights for a date range as broad as several months. However, for the fall of 2010 and early 2011 in addition to Travelocity, other sites such as TripBase and LowFares have been marketing for flights to Uruguay.

If you are conducting a search with the travel search engines, the airport code for Montevideo, Uruguay is MVD.

Major Airlines that Fly to Montevideo, Uruguay From the US, Canada and Europe

From Europe, Iberia is your best bet hands down. Iberia have excellent flight service to Montevideo. They are the bar by which you should measure any flight that you are considering booking from Europe to Uruguay. The major US airline with regular flights to Montevideo, Uruguay is American Airlines. The other larger US air carriers such as Continental Airlines and Delta Air Lines do not offer direct service to Uruguay. No Canadian airlines have flights to Uruguay.

My favorite airline for flying to Central America or South America is TACA Airlines. Unfortunately they do not have the most convenient flights to Uruguay. A flight from the US to Uruguay with TACA involves a flight to San Salvador, El Salvador which is TACA Airline's main hub. Then you will need a second stop in their South American hub in Lima, Peru before continuing on to Uruguay.

Airfare to Montevideo

Cheap Flights to Uruguay
Cheap Flights to Uruguay

Cheapest US City to Fly to Uruguay

This is easy. Miami, Florida is the cheapest city in the United States to find cheap airline tickets to Uruguay. Miami, Florida is the hub for American Airlines flights to South America and it is also the only city in the US where you'll get a direct flight to Uruguay. As this is American Airlines South American hub for US flights, the pricing is better. The other airlines are competing with American Airlines in this market. One airline besides American Airlines with good pricing for Montevideo is TAM Linhas Aereas. It is not a direct flight, there is one stop in Sau Paulo, Brazil and then you connect with Pluna Airlines for the flight from Sau Paulo to Montevideo.

Direct Flights to Uruguay

As mentioned, Miami is the one and only city in the US with direct flights to Montevideo. The flight is with American Airlines. From Canada, you are not able to fly direct to Uruguay. In Europe, Iberia have great flight routes to many South American countries and Uruguay is included in that list. Iberia fly direct from Madrid, Spain to Montevideo, Uruguay.

For European travelers bound for Central America or South America the many new flight routes offered by Iberia have made flying to Latin America so much easier. In the past, most European flights would land in the US first before continuing on to their Latin destinations. Now with Iberia, you can get direct flights to most major Latin American destinations.

The author of this article has strived to ensure it's accuracy. Airlines add or change flights often. If you are aware of an error or discover a cheaper flight route than those mentioned here, please leave a note in the comments section. It will make the travel booking experience better for others in the future. Thanks, and happy travels.


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