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Cities and Towns in Puerto Rico

Updated on August 27, 2013
Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico | Source

Puerto Rico is divided by what we call "Pueblos" or "Municipals". When the term "City" arrived, many of us Boricuas felt like we were betrayed. A word is a word and does not change the essence. The reality relies on qualities, elements and descriptions of each territory. The towns that are cities are defined by some characteristics such as population. They have changed their original Coat of Arms to one with five towers.

My husband and I have been around this island, loving it more each day. We do understand that the world is big with wonderful places, but here we are, sharing however it comes in gratefulness, the beauty beyond Puerto Rico.

Let's start at the very beginning...a very good place to start when you are in Puerto Rico and get an exclusive title like this one; the best way I found was to present each City with its Nicknames, Coat of Arms, and attractions of each one. Other than the town square, all of them have a church, and a city hall (Presented by Froggy213 of each pueblo). First, take a look at the island’s information.

Puerto Rico, in the middle of Earth

Puerto Rico:
Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico Official Coat of Arms
Puerto Rico Official Coat of Arms

Puerto Rico

The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the Treasure Island, the Enchanted Island, the island of the Valiant Lord, and the Paradise Island


  1. Beaches
  2. Mountain Ranges
  3. Caves
  4. Rain forests
  5. National Reserves
  6. Islands
  7. 78 Municipalities
  8. Waterfalls
  9. Theaters
  10. Shopping Malls
  11. Museums
  12. Recreational Areas
  13. Restaurants
  14. Hotels
  15. Cabins
  16. Motels
  17. Warm, loving people

Coat of Arms Adjuntas, PR
Coat of Arms Adjuntas, PR


City of the Sleeping Giant, Land of Lakes, and Switzerland of the Americas.


  1. Recreation Area Mount Guilarte, the 7th highest mountain in Puerto Rico.
  2. Town Home Historic Building.
  3. Cascades Las Garzas
  4. Mango Waterfall
  5. Recreational Facility Guarionex
  6. The Sleeping Giant
  7. Butterfly Pavilion

Adjuntas, "Sleeping Giant"
Adjuntas, "Sleeping Giant"
Coat of Arms Aguada, PR
Coat of Arms Aguada, PR


Aguada means "watered down". It got its name in 1692. Known by the Spanish conquest as a water supply point for ships that traveled between America and Europe. However it is also known as:The City of Discovery, the Villa of Sotomayor, Villa of Saint Francisco of Asís of the Aguada, the Beach Town, Vatican City, and the City of 3 innocent.


  1. Pico de Piedra Swimming Area Beach
  2. Saint Francisco de Asis Church
  3. Museum
  4. Kids Park
  5. Plaza Cruz de Colon
  6. Rivers

Aguadilla Coat of Arms
Aguadilla Coat of Arms


City of Springs, Town of Sharks, New Garden of the Atlantic, and the Place where 'even the Stones Sing',


  1. The Airport
  2. Las Cascades Aquatic Park
  3. Aguadilla Ice Skating
  4. The Antique Ramey Base of the US Air Force
  5. The Water Hole
  6. The Lighthouse
  7. Crash Boat Beach
  8. Borinquen Point Equestrian Center
  9. Columbus Park
  10. Monument to the Fisherman
  11. Rafael Hernández Monument

The Cascades Aquatic Park

Aguadilla Cascades
Aguadilla Cascades
Aguas Buenas Coat of Arms
Aguas Buenas Coat of Arms

Aguas Buenas

City of Clear Waters: It is said that this district enjoyed excellent weather; that their land was very fertile and its magnificent streams and springs had pure and crystalline waters.


  1. Caves
  2. Recreational Center "La Charca"
  3. Walking Path Mirador

Aibonito Coat of Arms
Aibonito Coat of Arms


City of Flowers, the Coldest City, and the Refrigerator of Puerto Rico


  1. San Cristobal Canyon
  2. Manresa House
  3. Cultural Center Angel Roberto Ortiz
  4. Spanish Barracks
  5. Our Lady of the Forsaken
  6. Degetau Rock
  7. Monta Rock
  8. Asomante Trench

Aňasco, Coat of Arms
Aňasco, Coat of Arms


The Town Where the Gods Die, the Puff Pastry Town, the Blood Sausage Town, and the Natives.


  1. Racetrack
  2. Tres Hermanos Public Beach
  3. La Puente Channel
  4. La Eugenia Plantation
  5. Libertad Plantation
  6. La Bahia Lookout Point
  7. Tres Hermanos National Park

Arecibo, Coats of Arms
Arecibo, Coats of Arms


The name is attributed to the Cacique Jamaica Aracibo. Arecibo is known as The Villa of Captain Correra, Ceti Town, Northern Diamond, the Captains, and the City of First Voices.


  1. Suns Truncated House / Sulievres House
  2. Theater Oller
  3. Lodge Tanamá
  4. Artisan House
  5. Garcia Recreational Park (to fly kites)
  6. Central Cambalache
  7. Cambalache Forest Park
  8. World's largest radio telescope; It was built in 1963 and is used by scientists around the world
  9. Indian Cave
  10. Los Morrillos Lighthouse Museum
  11. Olympic Pools
  12. Los Negritos Beach

Arroyo, Coats of Arms
Arroyo, Coats of Arms


The Ungrateful Town, the Pleasant Town, and the Buccaneers.


  1. The Malecon
  2. The Tower of the "Old"
  3. The Cora State
  4. Lafayette Central
  5. Windmill
  6. Monument of Enrique Huyke
  7. Monument of Samuel Morse
  8. Palm Beach
  9. Punta Guilarte Beach
  10. Lighthouse Ruins

Arroyo Lighthouse
Arroyo Lighthouse
Barceloneta Coat of Arms
Barceloneta Coat of Arms


The Industrial City, the Pineapple City, the City of the Indians, and the Town of Sixto Escobar.


  1. Old Port of Central Plazuela
  2. Roque Island
  3. Ruins of Central Plazuela
  4. Railway Bridge.

Barranquitas Coat of Arms
Barranquitas Coat of Arms


Cradle of Heroes, the City of Luis Muñoz Rivera, and the Cradle of Crafts Fair


  1. The Cortijo Castle
  2. Old House and Mausoleum of Luis Muñoz Rivera
  3. Bicentennial Square.

Bayamon Coat of Arms
Bayamon Coat of Arms


The City of the Chicharrón, and the City of the Cowboys


  1. Central Park of Science
  2. Museum of Art and History Agustin Stahl
  3. Museum Home of José Celso Barbosa
  4. The former Hacienda Santa Ana
  5. Lineal Park
  6. Train Station

Cabo Rojo Coat of Arms
Cabo Rojo Coat of Arms

Cabo Rojo

It is said that Cabo Rojo obtained its name by the coasts amount of minerals that gave a reddish look to the waters. Cofresi's Town


  1. Boqueron Beach
  2. Boqueron Forest Reserve
  3. Cabo Rojo Lighthouse
  4. Cabo Rojo National Forest Wildlife Refuge
  5. Phosphorescent Bay
  6. Punta Arenas Beach
  7. Punta Guaniquita Reserve

Cabo Rojo
Cabo Rojo | Source
Caguas Coat of Arms
Caguas Coat of Arms


Turabo City, Creole City, Borinquen's Heart


  1. Botanical Garden
  2. Rain Forest House
  3. Carlos "Charlie" Rodriguez Museum
  4. House of the Troubadour Museum
  5. Caguas Museum of History
  6. Jorge Ignacio Quiton Museum of Musical Arts
  7. Tobacco Museum

Camuy-Coat of Arms
Camuy-Coat of Arms


Romantic City, City of the Taíno Sun, and the Sandies


  1. River Camuy Caves
  2. Hacienda Morell
  3. Lake Guajataca
  4. Beach Brusi Rock
  5. Stone Church.

River Camuy Caves

Camuy Caves
Camuy Caves
Canovanas Coat of Armas
Canovanas Coat of Armas


Indian Cradle, Racehorse Town, and the Town of the Chupacabras


  1. Sonadora Brook (Water Falls)
  2. Salto Blanco (Water Falls)
  3. Fishing Ville
  4. Old Ceiba Tree (more than 300 years old)
  5. Old Dairy Farm
  6. Jesus T. Piñero Residence and Museum
  7. Camarero Race Track
  8. Villaran Park
  9. Spanish Bridge
  10. Sugar Mill Ruins

Salto Blanco, Canovanas

Carolina Coat of Arms
Carolina Coat of Arms


Land of the Giants, and Arm Choppers


  1. Luis Muñoz Marin Airport
  2. Bridge Teodoro Moscoso
  3. Museum of the Children
  4. Center and Archive for Historical Research
  5. Balneario
  6. River Mouth on the Atlantic Ocean Boca de Cangrejos
  7. Pinones State Forest
  8. Escute House
  9. Roberto Clemente Walker Cenotaph
  10. Roberto Clemente Municipal Stadium
  11. Roberto Clemente Sports Complex
  12. Hacienda Victoria Ruins
  13. Buena Vista Sugar Mill Ruins
  14. Julio Vizcarrondo Literal Arts School
  15. La Torrecilla, Piñones, Los Corozos, and San José lagoons
  16. Fernando Third King of Castilla Monument
  17. Julia de Burgos Mausoleum
  18. Julia de Burgos Park
  19. Luis Munoz Marin Monument
  20. Promenade of the Giants
  21. Rio Grande de Loiza River
  22. Cave System of Cerro San Jose
  23. Isla Verde Beach
  24. Cockfight Club
  25. Jesus T. Pinero Monument

Roberto Clemente Cenotaph

Roberto Clemente cenotaph
Roberto Clemente cenotaph | Source
Cataño Coat of Arms
Cataño Coat of Arms


Cluster of the Palms, the Town that Refused to Die, the Prelude to the Capital, the Forgotten People, the People of the Jueyeros and the People of the Boatmen.


  1. Cataño Ferry
  2. Nereida Avenue
  3. Bacardi Distillery
  4. Taina Statue
  5. Pedro Rodriguez Salamo Stadium
  6. Boardwalk
  7. Cund Fish Marlet
  8. Punta Salinas Beach
  9. La Esperanza Park

Cataño Ferry to San Juan, PR

Cataño Ferry in San Juan
Cataño Ferry in San Juan | Source
Cayey Coat of Arms
Cayey Coat of Arms


Mist City, Torito City, and the Golden Coqui City


  1. Comsat Station
  2. Seismograph
  3. Ramon Frade Museum
  4. Guavate

Cerro del Torito, Cerro Las Tetas, Las Tetas de Cayey
Cerro del Torito, Cerro Las Tetas, Las Tetas de Cayey | Source
Ceiba Coat of Arms
Ceiba Coat of Arms


City of the Rising Sun, Soup Eaters, and the Marlin City


  1. Historical Mural
  2. Beach Los Machos
  3. Beach Medio Mundo
  4. Cold Pool
  5. Las Tinajas

Ciales Coat of Arms
Ciales Coat of Arms


Cojoba Town, the Land of The Coffee, and the Town of the Brave


  1. Paseo Lineal Antonio Corretjer
  2. House Corretjer
  3. Negrón Plantation
  4. Coffee Museum
  5. Forest National Reserve Toro Negro
  6. Caves

Cidra Coat of Arms
Cidra Coat of Arms


Town of the Eternal Spring, and the Town of the Savannah Dove


  1. Ceiba Tree
  2. Lake Cidra
  3. Del Carmen Parish
  4. The Hamacas Bridge
  5. Iberia Theater

Coamo Coat of Arms
Coamo Coat of Arms


San Blas of Illesca Village, the Marathons Runners, Old Village, Coty of Thermal Waters, and the Center of the Universe


  1. Coamo Thermal Baths
  2. Historic Museum
  3. Old Cementery
  4. Efren Bernier Residence (White House)
  5. Jose Ignacio Quinton Residence
  6. Spanish Social Club
  7. Our Lady of Valvanera Hermitage
  8. Mount Pico Lookout Point
  9. General Mendez Vigo Bridge
  10. Father Inigo Bridge
  11. Scenic Route
  12. Sugar Cane Mills
  13. Pan American Bicycle Rink

Comerio Coat of Arms
Comerio Coat of Arms


Town of the Royal Palms, the Pearl of the Plata, and the Town of the Guabaleros (guaba spider)


  1. Tobacco Warehouses
  2. Media Luna Recreational Area
  3. Mount La Tiza
  4. La Mora Caves
  5. Farm Longo
  6. Water Hole Las Palas
  7. Water Hole Los Pilones
  8. Waterfall
  9. Dam
  10. River La Plata

Corozal Coat of Arms
Corozal Coat of Arms


The Plantain Farmers, the Cradle of Volleyball, and the Capital of the Center of the Island


  1. Town Barber Shop
  2. Cibuco Historical Tourism Center
  3. Recreational Center El Rancho

Culebra Coat of Arms
Culebra Coat of Arms


San Ildefonso, the Passage Island, Where the Sun Rises on Puerto Rico, the Little Island, the Last of the Virgins, and the Island Town


  1. Bioluminescent Bay La Pela
  2. Honda Inlet
  3. Culebrita Island
  4. Culebrita Lighthouse
  5. Luis Pena Key
  6. Beaches: Flamenco, Brava, Carlos Rosario, Dakity, Larga, Melones, Melones Grandes, Mosquitoes, Punta Molinos, Punta del Soldado, Resaca, Tamarindo Chico, Tamarindo Grande, Tampico, Tortolos, Las Vacas, Zoni
  7. Historic Powderhouse
  8. Spanish Town
  9. Manglar Port
  10. Drawbridge
  11. War Tanks

Culebra Island
Culebra Island | Source

We are waiting for you!

I have presented here the A, B and Cs' of the cities and towns from Puerto Rico. Stay tuned for the next part of our Puerto Rico's City and Towns tours.

We have invited everyone to experience the wonders of this island. I know many are planning to do so. You are so very welcome to visit!

A cybernetic blessings to all for now until you come and receive one by sharing a cup of coffee, or a name it, or even a natural juice from one of our delightful fruits.

© Maria Magdalena Ruiz O'Farrill

© 2013 Maria Magdalena Ruiz O'Farrill


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    • Lastheart profile imageAUTHOR

      Maria Magdalena Ruiz O'Farrill 

      6 years ago from Borikén the great land of the valiant and noble Lord

      Mel Carriere thanks for stopping by. You are welcome to Puerto Rico. Let me know if you visit this island, I am a good tourist guide here in Puerto Rico.

    • Mel Carriere profile image

      Mel Carriere 

      6 years ago from San Diego California

      I have never been to Puerto Rico, which just doesn't get as much publicity as a tourist destination as other places do, but I am sure I am missing out. Thank you for presenting this valuable information.

    • Lastheart profile imageAUTHOR

      Maria Magdalena Ruiz O'Farrill 

      7 years ago from Borikén the great land of the valiant and noble Lord

      montecristo this was the first one and I thought I would have be able to write the 78 here, but it was getting hard to write, so I decided to divide them. Thanks for reading and really nice to know you were here in Puerto Rico.

    • montecristo profile image

      Angel Caleb Santos 

      7 years ago from Hampton Roads, Virginia

      Finally, Part one. I wanted to see my adopted hometown of Caguas! Thanks.

    • IslandBites profile image


      7 years ago from Puerto Rico


    • Froggy213 profile image

      Greg Boudonck 

      7 years ago from Returned to an Isla Del Sol - Puerto Rico Will Rise Strong

      Great job my love, can't wait to see the next parts.

    • Lastheart profile imageAUTHOR

      Maria Magdalena Ruiz O'Farrill 

      7 years ago from Borikén the great land of the valiant and noble Lord

      IslandBites nice to see Puerto Rico around. Saludos y gracias!

    • Lastheart profile imageAUTHOR

      Maria Magdalena Ruiz O'Farrill 

      7 years ago from Borikén the great land of the valiant and noble Lord

      srsddn, thanks for your lovely comment. India is another beautiful place.

    • IslandBites profile image


      7 years ago from Puerto Rico

      Great hub!

    • srsddn profile image


      7 years ago from Dehra Dun, India

      Lastheart, I have read a lot about Puerto Rico but it is quite interesting to know about the cities and towns. Their names are of significance and all have so many tourist attractions. I like the sunset at Aguada. Thanks for sharing such wonderful places around Puerto Rico. Voted up and shared.


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