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Cities and Towns in Puerto Rico Part II

Updated on August 14, 2013
Street from Puerto Rico's Capital City
Street from Puerto Rico's Capital City | Source

This is the second part of the hub about Cities and Towns in Puerto Rico. The first hub includes the cities and towns of Puerto Rico with names starting from A to C. This hub will include from D to J.

We have 78 Municipalities, to present them I decided to start in alphabetical order and sharing their nicknames, places of interest and Coat of Arms.

Heraldry - Shields and Interpretation

A shield is a graphical representation of the values, beliefs or symbols of a particular group. This group can be a family, a people, a kingdom or any other institution. Their origin and rules come from back in Europe during the Middle Ages. During the crusades, the armor made the knights unrecognizable and used the idea of ​​painting emblems on shields to distinguish allies in the battlefield.

For centuries, hundreds of regions and various noble families adopted a series of symbols and drew or engraved on their shields of war. The alliances, ranks, family ties and other historic features can be interpreted in the designs represented in these coats of arms. This is the reason why I am sharing them, as part of the presentation of each City or Town in Puerto Rico.

Crowns of the Coat of Armas
Crowns of the Coat of Armas
Dorado Coat of Arms
Dorado Coat of Arms


Cleanest Town in Puerto Rico, and the Golden City


  1. Recreational Area Ojo del Buey (Mouth of the Plata River)
  2. Sardinera Beach
  3. Bazaar of the Square Park
  4. Dorado del Mar Golf Course
  5. Hyatt Dorado East Course
  6. Hyatt Dorado West Course
  7. Art and History Museum
  8. Marcos Juan Alegria Residence and Museum
  9. Spanish Government House
  10. Aviation Park
  11. Artisan Square
  12. Del Plata Exhibition Hall
  13. Juan Boria Theater

Bull Eye

Dorado PR
Dorado PR | Source
Fajardo, Puerto Rico Coat of Arms
Fajardo, Puerto Rico Coat of Arms


The City that Guards the Sun of the Caribbean, The City of the Rising Sun,Town of the Tough Faces.


  1. Airport
  2. Dry Forest
  3. Saint James
  4. Icacos, Palomino, and Palomito keys
  5. Old Sugar Mill Chimneys
  6. Coliseum Tomas Dones Hernandez
  7. Skate Park
  8. Lighthouse
  9. Hotel El Conquistador
  10. Marina Islet
  11. Bioluminescent lagoon
  12. Puerto Chico Marina
  13. Puerto del Rey Marina
  14. Monument to Antonio R. Barceló
  15. Monument to General Antonio Valero de Bernabe and Patriot's Promenade
  16. Municipal Naratorium
  17. Concepción Perez Alberto Park
  18. Equestrian Park
  19. Las Croaba Park
  20. Rocosa Beach
  21. Sardinera Beach
  22. Seven Seas Beach
  23. Las Cabezas de San Juan Natural Reserve
  24. Vieques and Culebra Ferry Terminal
  25. Villa Marina

Fajardo Bay

Fajardo, Puerto Rico
Fajardo, Puerto Rico | Source
Florida, PR Coat of Arms
Florida, PR Coat of Arms


Land of the Enchanted River, Karst Country, and the Cayenalisa Pineapple Town


  1. Natural Preserve Rio Encantado
  2. Colonial House
  3. Recreational Park
  4. Florida Hills

Guanica, PR Coat of Arms
Guanica, PR Coat of Arms


Friendship Town, The Crabbers, Town of the Twelve Streets, Portal to Culture


  1. Blue Beach
  2. Caña Gorda Beach
  3. Caprón Fortress
  4. Guilligan's Island
  5. Hacienda Santa Rita
  6. Lighthouse
  7. Malecón
  8. Manglillo Beach
  9. Monument to Veterans of the Spanish-American War
  10. Nautical School
  11. Pink Beach
  12. Punta de Brea
  13. Punta Hunchback
  14. Santa Beach
  15. Serra Beach
  16. State Forest
  17. Sugar Mill
  18. Whale Bay Natural Reserve

Guayama, PR Coat of Arms
Guayama, PR Coat of Arms


Town of the Wizards, and the City of the Guanami.


  1. Bust of Luis Palés Matos
  2. Carite Lake
  3. Pozuelo Beach
  4. Punta de las Figuras Lighthouse
  5. Rodeo Beach
  6. The Mareas
  7. Vives Mill

Guayanilla, PR Coat of Arms
Guayanilla, PR Coat of Arms


Land of Agüeybaná, Fishermen's Village


  1. Emajagua Beach
  2. Gold Falls
  3. Guilarte Forest
  4. Mario Castle Market
  5. Ruins of the San Francisco Central Sugar Mill
  6. Tamarindo Beach
  7. The Convent Spring Caves
  8. Window Beach

Guaynabo, PR Coat of Armms
Guaynabo, PR Coat of Armms


Puerto Rico's First Settlement, City of The Conquerors, Capital of Sports, Ruins of Caparra, Carnival Mabó Town.


  1. Bust of Roman Baldorioty
  2. Caribbean Recreational Center
  3. Guaynabo Fine Arts Center
  4. Mets Pavilion
  5. Old Telegraph Facilities
  6. Ruins of Earnest
  7. Sports Museum
  8. Vortex II Sculpture in the Cultural Square

Main Street of Guaynabo's Town

Guaynabo, PR
Guaynabo, PR | Source
Gurabo, PR Coat of Arms
Gurabo, PR Coat of Arms


Town of the Staircases


  1. Cofresi Park
  2. The Hill
  3. Exhibition Center
  4. Former City Hall and Clock
  5. Loiza Lagoon
  6. Mirador Estate
  7. University of Turabo Museum

Hatillo, PR Coat of Arms
Hatillo, PR Coat of Arms


Capital of The Dairy Industry, Hatillo of Our Hearts, Land of the Green Fields, Town with No Soup, and the Town of the Ranchers.


  1. Beach House Country Inn
  2. Colonial Walk
  3. Del Carmen Walk
  4. Francisco Mendez Deida Coliseum
  5. Hatillo Caves
  6. Illustrious Citizens Park
  7. José Antonio Monrouzeau Theater
  8. The Marina Beach
  9. Bayaney Old Sugar Mill
  10. Pagan Cave
  11. Ruins of Hacienda Santa Rosa
  12. Santa Rosa Sugar Mill
  13. Sardine Beach

A Farm in Hatillo, PR

Hatillo, PR
Hatillo, PR | Source
Hormigueros, PR Coat of Arms
Hormigueros, PR Coat of Arms


Miracle Town, and the Pilgrim's Town.


  1. Julita Arenas Theater
  2. Our Lady of Montserrat Basilica
  3. Pilgrims Inn
  4. Public Library
  5. Hacienda San Jose
  6. Segundo Ruiz Belvis Mausoleum
  7. Silva Bridge
  8. The Pens Springs
  9. Torréns Bridge
  10. Train Tunnel

Humacao, PR Coat of Arms
Humacao, PR Coat of Arms


The Pearl of the East, and the Bone-Gnawer's.


  1. Airport
  2. Angel "Lito" Peña Art Center
  3. Antonin Nechodoma.
  4. Aquatic Park
  5. Beach and Resort Punta Santiago
  6. Beach Buena Vista
  7. Beach Candlestick Point
  8. Beach The Morrillo
  9. Grain Factory
  10. Guzman Family Maousoleum (Ermita Guzman
  11. Monument to Teachers
  12. Monument to the Cacique Jumacao
  13. Observatory at the University of Puerto Rico
  14. Pterocarpus Forest
  15. Roig House Museum
  16. Wildlife Reserve

Humacao's Town from a short distance

Humacao, Puerto Rico
Humacao, Puerto Rico | Source
Isabela, PR Coat of Arms
Isabela, PR Coat of Arms


The Garden of the Northwest, The Young Roosters, and the Town of the White String Cheese.


  1. Beach Jobos
  2. Beach Lots
  3. Beach Sardinera
  4. Beach the Shacks
  5. Guajataca State Forest
  6. Guajataca Tunnel
  7. Indian Face - Limestone sculpture
  8. Indian Face - Pastillo Beach
  9. Natural Pool Jacinto
  10. Natural Pool The Wizard
  11. Ruins of the Saint Anthony of the Tuna Shrine
  12. Sculpture of Chief Mabodamaca

Indian Face Limestone Sculpture

Isabela, Puerto Rico
Isabela, Puerto Rico | Source
Jayuya PR, Coat of Arms
Jayuya PR, Coat of Arms


Town of the High Ground, Town of the Tomato, Town of the Three Peaks, Indigenous Capital of Puerto Rico, Overlook of Puerto Rico, and the Artisan Mecca.


  1. Channels House Museum
  2. Cultural Center
  3. Parador Hacienda Inn Gripiñas
  4. Monument to Chief Hayuya
  5. Monument to Nemesio R. Channels
  6. Museum The Cemí
  7. Music Square
  8. The Three Picacho
  9. The Written Rock
  10. Tomb of the Puerto Rican Indian

Juana DDiaz, PR Coat of Arms
Juana DDiaz, PR Coat of Arms

Juana Diaz

The Mabee Town, The City of the Jacaguas River, The City of the Three Kings, and the Bethlehem of Puerto Rico.


  1. Camboya Boardwalk
  2. Children's Park
  3. Collores Ward
  4. Collores Waterfall
  5. Gardens of Santo Domingo Promenade
  6. Guayabal Lake and Reservoir
  7. Lucero Cave
  8. Luis Llorens Torres Square
  9. Monument to the Three Kings
  10. Schoenstatt Shrine
  11. Stone Forest
  12. Three Kings Museum
  13. Veterans Square.

Juncos, PR Coat of Arms
Juncos, PR Coat of Arms


The Valencian City


  1. Central Sugar Mill
  2. Escuté Walkway
  3. Former Cigar Factory
  4. Former City Hall
  5. Former Municipal Jail
  6. Soldier's Plaza
  7. The Christ of Brotherhood
  8. The Theater
  9. Theater Cafe

Old Sugar Mill

Juncos, PR
Juncos, PR | Source

I hope you are enjoying these articles of Puerto Rico. You ought to start planning where to stay from the municipals presented. Start packing your luggage.

Blessings to all!

© Maria Magdalena Ruiz O’Farrill

© 2013 Maria Magdalena Ruiz O'Farrill


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    • Lastheart profile imageAUTHOR

      Maria Magdalena Ruiz O'Farrill 

      7 years ago from Borikén the great land of the valiant and noble Lord

      Froggy you know that right now in a way we have taken it like our voluntary mission. Wanting to share what has been good for us.

    • Froggy213 profile image

      Greg Boudonck 

      7 years ago from Returned to an Isla Del Sol - Puerto Rico Will Rise Strong

      Great hub to entice visitors to this great island! I love you!

    • Lastheart profile imageAUTHOR

      Maria Magdalena Ruiz O'Farrill 

      7 years ago from Borikén the great land of the valiant and noble Lord

      Thanks montecristo , I read and shared the Hub you wrote about The Morro, it was really nice to know about another hubber that has been here in Puerto Rico.

    • montecristo profile image

      Angel Caleb Santos 

      7 years ago from Hampton Roads, Virginia

      I live in Puerto Rico for 8 years. I like Gurabo because of its unique staircase. Thanks for sharing. Voted up!


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