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Coconut Creek in Panama City Florida Review

Updated on June 9, 2010

Miniature Golf in Florida

Miniature golf is a fun past-time for children when they're on vacation. I can't remember any vacation when I was a kid not playing putt putt. As an adult, I still find that mini-golf is a fun sport to play while in the Florida area. There are so many different places to check out and courses to try, so it can be hard to determine which one you want to play.

Personally, I'd recommend Pirate's Island, but the day package for Coconut Creek isn't that bad, as you get unlimited golf and maze tries. Plus, there's an arcade for those who really don't like either.

Coconut Creek is on Front Beach Road, so it's not that hard to find, and you certainly won't miss it while driving on one of the more popular roads on the tourist side of the beach.

Know the Rules

Before you start playing, you want to make sure that you know the rules. For the most part, common courtesy and common sense are big rules that should be considered, but each miniature golf course has slightly different rules that should be understood before playing the course.


  • Wet and slipper conditions may exist on the golf course walkways, bridges, and putting surfaces. Please use caution.
  • Please do not walk on the grass, and stay on the sidewalks.
  • Do not drink any of the water in the golf course or the maze. It is non-potable water that is not suited for consumption or bathing.

Stroke Limit

  • 6 stroke limit per person, per hole, with the exception of hole number 17, which is a 7 stroke limit

Out of Bounds

  • Replace the ball about one club head length from where the ball went out of bounds.
  • 1 stroke penalty


  • Do not retrieve your ball if it hits into a lake. Return to the clubhouse for another ball.
  • If the ball is against a brick border or an obstacle, it may be moved one putter head length away without a penalty.

Maximum Group

  • Maximum of 5 people per group at any hole.
  • Play each hole in turn without skipping holes.
  • Please allow smaller groups of people to play through ahead of you and your larger group.

Free Games

  • Free games are awarded for hole-in-one on a free game hole.
  • You may not win a free game while playing a free game.
  • Only one free game may be won per day.


  • Please through all trash in the containers.


  • Please be courteous to other golfers.
  • No alcoholic beverages on the premises.
  • No cash refunds. In the even of rain or sudden inclement weather, a wooden nickel will be g given to all players who have not completed 14 holes in a regular round.

Play the Course

This was my first course for the night, and the first course that I've played in years. The last time that I was at Coconut Creek, I played in the arcade and went through the maze, never playing a round of miniature golf at the facility. I was definitely rusty.

Most of the pars are 2's and 3's. My game total was a par 50 for the entire course, which should have only taken me 42 strokes... I definitely didn't bring my A-game to this match.

Overall, the putt putt course was challenging, but I think if I had another round of the course, it wouldn't be so bad. At least that's what I'm claiming.

Some of the holes were a bit challenging, but for the most part, the overall obstacle layouts weren't that strategically placed. I say that, and yes I realize how bad I actually played.

Personally, I'd go to the course again to see if I could do any better, but to me the course wasn't nearly as fun as the Pirate's Island Course.

Rates to Play

Because Coconut Creek is a family fun park, there is more to do than just playing putt putt. You can run through the giant maze and check out the arcade.

$10.50- One round of mini-golf
$9.50- Per person for groups of 20 or more for either the mini-golf or maze
$10.50- Gran Maze
Free- Children under 6

If you want to have the option of playing all day long until you can master the course or the maze, consider the all day pass

$18.00- All day play in the maze and/or as many rounds of mini golf as you want.

If you are regular visitors to Panama City, and love playing putt putt, consider the annual pass

$42.00- Unlimited rounds of golf and tries in the maze all year.

** Please keep in mind that prices and rates are subject to change.


The Coconut Creek Family Fun Park is only located in Panama City Beach, FL. You will find it easily while driving on Front Beach Road.


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