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Hidden Lagoon Super Racetrack in Panama City Florida Review

Updated on June 9, 2010


14414 Front Beach Rd

Panama City Beach, FL 32413

Hidden Lagoon

The Hidden Lagoon park is not one of the newest family fun parks in Panama City Beach, but it's a popular one. The park includes two putt putt courses and the race track for go carts.

The miniature golf course proclaims a $50.00 prize for anyone who can make a hole in one on the 18th hole. This is far better than any free game, that's for sure. The last hole on both courses is the longest hole, which goes over a bridge to the clubhouse. The courses feature emerald fountains and a tropical landscape.

The putt putt courses are great, but the race track is the part of Hidden Lagoon that attracts the most visitors. The track is the longest in Panama City, stretching 9/10ths of a mile long with go carts that ride about 22-23 mph.

Rules of the Race Track

Before you get on the track and race, you want to make sure that you know the rules. The last thing that you want to do is get bumped off the track...

First off, in order to get in one of the carts, you have to be at least 56 inches tall. If you're under 56 inches tall, you won't get in a car without someone who is at least the minimum height requirement.

And, yes there are one and two people go carts that are available. The two people go carts are great for those with children who can't ride by themselves. The single person cars are still large enough to fit an adult, as well as a youth, comfortably.


  • Depending on how many laps you want to ride- typically 3, 5 , or 7 laps- your payment will vary. Unlike some tracks where you pay by a set amount of time, this track charges per lap.
  • For 3 laps it $12.00, 5 laps is $15.00, and 7 laps is $20.00
  • Pricing is subject to change


  • Make sure that you are properly buckled into place. Both the driver and the passenger needs to have the seat belt properly adjusted and tightened before taking off.
  • Do not throw anything onto the track.
  • If something flies off of you or your go kart, you want to pull into the start/finish location and alert one of the workers.
  • If your go kart is making funny sounds or vibrations, pull into the start/finish location to alert one of the workers for a potential go cart malfunction.

Race the Track

Once you're ready to go, you'll find that the employees are very nice. They actually stayed open a little longer when I went to the track, as my boyfriend and I showed up just a few minutes before closing. Most places, would have told us to just come back the next day, but the employees were generous and gracious enough let us race 5 laps each.

When you're all strapped in, you'll be informed that a flag will be waved when you're on your last lap, and once you complete that lap, you must drive in behind the rest of the go carts waiting to be filled.

Because I raced at closing, all of the tickets were taken before we ever took off, but I did notice that there was a sign that said to slow down and give one ticket per lap you pass by the guy at the start/finish. I'm not sure if you really have to slow down and give them a ticket or what. I would assume that would put a huge damper on your race and would be complicated to keep hold of your tickets while speeding along the track, but at the same time it would be hard to keep track of several drivers during the peek race time of the day.

Hidden Lagoon closes early, like most of the other miniature golf and go cart parks in Panama City. Unless you catch them in the peek tourist points, such as Spring Break season, you better get in early or you'll miss out when planning your activities at night. It was quite a downer to find that most of the entertainment closed around 9pm during the summer months, Hidden Lagoon included.

Overall, Hidden Lagoon Race Track is one of the better go cart tracks in Panama City, and if you're in the mood to race your friends, definitely give this track a try.


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