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Pirate's Island Adventure Golf in Panama City Florida Review

Updated on June 9, 2010

Miniature Golf in Florida

When you're at the beach, one of the more popular activities besides going to the beach and playing in the ocean, making sand castles, and laying out in the sun, is to play putt putt. Kids get in to the game, adults have fun, and everyone can enjoy themselves.

Miniature golf is one of my favorite sports. I am not a fan, nor am I any good at playing regular golf, but I'm a pro at putt putt... Well, at least I'd like to believe that I am.

When I'm in Florida, my favorite part is getting to play putt putt. There are so many different courses in Panama City to choose from. Some of the courses are easy and a breeze, whereas other are a little more challenging.

When it came to Pirate's Island Adventure Golf, I found this one of the more challenging courses, but I rocked at it. Ha. You can play one of two courses. Blackbeard's Challenge is the harder of the two courses, this is the one I recommend for teens, adults, and just really good miniature golfers.

Know the Rules

Before you start playing, you want to make sure that you know the rules. For the most part, common courtesy and common sense are big rules that should be considered, but each miniature golf course has slightly different rules that should be understood before playing the course.


  • Please, no full swings with putters.
  • For the safety of yourself and others please stay on the walkway.

Stroke Limit

  • 6 stroke limit per person, per hole

Out of Bounds

  • Place the ball back in play one club head length from where it went out.
  • 1 stroke penalty


  • If the ball is against the rail or obstacle, it may be moved 1 club head length away without a penalty.

Maximum Group

  • Maximum of 6 people per group at any hole.
  • Play each hole in turn without skipping holes.
  • Please allow smaller groups of people to play through ahead of you and your larger group.

Free Games

  • Free games are awarded for hole-in-one on a free game hole.
  • You may not win a free game while playing a free game.
  • Only one free game may be won per day.


  • Please through all trash in the containers.

When playing at night, watch out for hole 7. It's in a cavern and can easily be missed while playing in the dark.
When playing at night, watch out for hole 7. It's in a cavern and can easily be missed while playing in the dark.
While in the cavern at hole 7, stop by an introduce yourself to the skeleton who lost his way in jail.
While in the cavern at hole 7, stop by an introduce yourself to the skeleton who lost his way in jail.

Play the Course

When playing the course at Pirate's Island in Panama City Beach, you'll find that the holes are challenging, especially in Blackbeard's course. Most of the holes are par 3, with several par 2 holes, and one par 4.

I'm not much of a golfer; I've actually never played real golf before, but when it came to playing Blackbeard's Challenge, I rocked the course. I made two hole in ones. Most of my holes were 1 or 2 under par. I will admit though, the more challenging holes that had crazy obstacles were truly challenging. One of my holes ended up being a 6 stroke hole, which was quite disappointing.

Don't think because I'm not a golfer and I did pretty well, coming in 2 under par for the full course, it's not as challenging as I'm claiming. My boyfriend who is a pretty good golfer, was 2 over par, and his buddy who played the course the week after we did, was also over par, as was his wife. Basically, I got lucky and had a good round.

I didn't think it was going to be so great, considering within the first five holes, four of them were 4 stroke holes for me.

But, anyway... I won a free round of golf, and you can bet the next time I find myself in Panama City Beach, I'll be playing a round of Pirate's Island Adventure Golf. We'll see if it was really a fluke, or if I'm just that good. Ha Ha.

Rates to Play

$8.95- Blackbeard's Challenge
$8.95- Captain Kidd's Challenge (the easier course)
$7.49- Children (4-12)
Free- Little Pirates 3 and under as long as playing with an adult (but really who's really going to send their 3 year old to play golf by themselves anyway?)

If you want to have the option of playing all day long until you can master the course, consider the all day pass

$10.95- All day play

** Please keep in mind that prices and rates are subject to change.



  • Gulf Shores


  • Daytona Beach
  • Fort Myers (Jungle Golf)
  • Kissimmee (4 ports: Pirate's Island, Pirate's Cove, Jungle Golf Kissimmee, Jungle Golf at Celebration)
  • Panama City
  • Ormond Beach

South Carolina

  • Hilton Head Island


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