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El Paso International Airport (ELP) Car Rental and Transportation

Updated on October 22, 2017

Reserving a rental car for your stay in El Paso Texas is one of the best ways to ensure convenient available transportation for swift commuting to and from local points of interest, or more extensive road trips to predominant business centers and tourist attractions located in Dallas Fort Worth or Houston and vicinity. If you are currently conducting online research to find rent a car companies either situated on site or within a reasonable distance to El Paso International Airport, an extensive list is included below for establishing initial contact and determining which agency offers the most budget friendly price and terms.

Car Rental Companies at El Paso International Airport:

Advantage Rent A Car
(800) 777-5500
(915) 781-7690
Alamo Rent A Car
(800) 222-9075
(915) 778-4401
Avis Rent A Car
(800) 230-4898
(915) 779-2700
Budget Rent A Car
(915) 779-2532
Dollar Rent A Car
(800) 800-4000
(915) 778-5445
Enterprise Rent A Car
(800) 261-7331
(915) 779-2260
Hertz Rent A Car
(800) 654-3131
(915) 775-6960
National Car Rental
(877) 222-9058
(915) 778-9417
Thrifty Car Rental
(800) 847-4389
(915) 778-9236
Rental Car Agencies maintain a designated counter in the "Baggage Claim Area" - Call to confirm as circumstances can change -

This is not an endorsement or recommendation for any of the agencies listed on this page, the menu of choices was extensively researched, designed, assembled, and subsequently published to provide the time strapped consumer or mobile corporate executive with a convenient, one stop, online airport ground transportation shopping resource. All rental car companies that maintain a fleet of vehicles either located on the ELP property or within a reasonable distance, are included for consideration. Also included you will find a selection of alternative "One Way" fee based transportation service providers such as public transit bus, taxi, and courtesy shuttles for a shared multi passenger ride to your hotel property. When considering rent a car options, if you are interested in a specific make or model such as an SUV, or alternative style verses the traditional 2 door coupe or 4 door sedan, calling ahead to inquire about current inventory and availability, or to seal the deal and make a reservation, is always the optimum way to avoid disappointment by ensuring you receive your preferred choice upon arrival.

For convenient navigation, an easy to use interactive online map is incorporated toward page bottom to assist with creating efficient driving directions to and from the airport and anywhere else you wish to explore during your stay. To recap, this all inclusive, single page resource is one of the only virtual places on the worldwide web that enables the user to gain access to multiple airport transportation options and also generate travel routes for all destinations on the vacation itinerary or corporate business schedule. With a brief scan of this page, you can swiftly research transportation options for your trip by performing the following tasks. Quickly and easily identify the type of service that is best suited for your vacation or business meeting, gain immediate telephone number access to establish initial contact, easily compare service and rates via direct communication, reserve the desired vehicle, and finally, engineer the most convenient driving directions by using the interactive map located below. Just input pertinent data and within a few seconds, the info will appear automatically.

  • I am very appreciative of the fact that I continue to receive positive feedback for several of my published online "Airport Car Rental" resource pages, and sincerely hope you find it as convenient and helpful for planning this essential aspect of your trip as other fellow consumers have -

  • Negotiating and securing arrangements for a rent a car to be ready and waiting at the airport upon your arrival, is a relatively easy process which involves little more than securing a reservation via the telephone, Internet, or in person. Once your plane lands, proceed to the designated area and check in at the appropriate rent a car counter for ID verification and related paperwork completion such as document signing and additional data collection. This is usually a seamless process. Within minutes thereafter, you should be ready to go with keys in hand.

> Rent A Car Checklist <

Rules, Regulations, Policies, and or Local and State Laws can and do change over time and differ from state to state. Keep this in mind when planning a trip to El Paso or any other destination. Please refer to the brief bullet point list below which contains a few of the most important items to double check. This is just a partial list, so if you have additional questions or concerns, it would be prudent to contact the appropriate agency of jurisdiction.

  • Insurance Requirements: Who is liable? Liability & Collision Coverage? Deductibles if any? Total Coverage? etc -
  • Authorized Driver(s): Who is authorized & What is required to be recognized as a legal driver? License ID, Signature on agreement? etc -
  • Rules of the Road: Educate yourself and all other drivers regarding the local "Rules, Regulations, & Laws" to ensure compliance. For instance, can you make a right hand turn on a "Red Light"? etc -
  • Laws of the Road: Minimum age requirement to legally operate a vehicle? etc. Remember, different States have different laws -

El Paso Texas

I believe most visitors would agree with the following fundamental observation, El Paso Texas is no longer the sleepy little rural town it once was a few decades ago. Although the outskirts are still a gateway to hundreds of square miles of raw, desolate, wind blown acres which are home to a wide range of indigenous wildlife species, and the days of dominance within city limits by blowing tumble weeds and roaming rattlers seem to be gone for at least the foreseeable future, if not forever, El Paso has still managed to maintain its southwestern small town appeal. Although the occasional rolling spent bush and gyrating side winder can still be observed maneuvering its way down a frequently traveled dusty street, the rural habitat is slowly conceding large swathes of land to developers and municipal projects which are designed to enrich the quality of life for residents, help individuals maintain a minimal level of prosperity, and more importantly, continue to provide necessary infrastructure upgrades so all residents can enjoy enhanced basic services and living conditions. As one of the most modernized and upgraded cities located in the far western region of the state, El Paso is strategically situated to bridge the traveling gap between New Mexico and Texas. The economic and cultural ties are inherent as well.

In addition to intermittent expansion and muted to modest year over year population growth, the El Paso International Airport located approximately four miles northeast of the city of El Paso, has undergone routine improvement projects in an attempt to keep pace with and accommodate the assimilation of an increased number of commercial flights. On average, approximately 2 million passengers arrive and depart annually via six distinct carriers with statistics periodically adjusted to reflect prevailing economic conditions.

El Paso International Airport Driving Directions/Map:

A markerEl Paso International Airport -
El Paso International Airport (ELP), 6701 Convair Rd, El Paso, TX 79906, USA
get directions

Public Transit - Sun Metro Bus

  • Information: (915) 533-3333

- Routes - Schedules - Fees - Transfers - General Information -

Taxi Service

  • Border Cab Co. - (915) 533-4254
  • Sun City Cab Co. - (915) 544-2211
  • United Ind. Cab Co. - (915) 590-8294

- Taxi companies offer metered rates, call for more information - Operate 24 hrs - Taxis are located in "Baggage Claim" areas -

Hotel Courtesy Shuttles

  • Location - Between "Long Term Parking" and "Terminal" -
  • Hotel Courtesy Phones - Located near "Baggage Claim" area -

- ELP Address -
- Phone -
- Lost & Found -
6701 Convair Rd. 
(915) 780-4749
(915) 780-4717
El Paso, TX  79925

  • SPECIAL NOTE: I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the "John Wayne Airport (SNA)" in Orange County California for their positive feedback and acknowledgement of my published user friendly online "Airport Transportation & Amenity Guide" which I independently designed and tailored specifically for their premier facility located in the Prestigious Financial District of S.A./Irvine.

Alternative Prime is dedicated to making the ground transportation segment of travel planning the easiest, most hassle free, and time saving aspect of your trip - Need a list of these service providers for another airport? Please browse AP's extensive entries which encompass several of the most popular and frequently traveled locales in the United States and growing international presence -


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