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Exploring Connecticut: Bluff Point State Park

Updated on July 16, 2011

Located on the peninsula of Groton, Connecticut, Bluff Point State Park offers visitors an expansive view of Long Island Sound and the Atlantic Ocean. A popular place for boating, clamming and hiking, Bluff Point is a great escape from the ordinary in the heart of industrial Connecticut.

Deep Woods along the trail
Deep Woods along the trail | Source
The end of the bluff trail
The end of the bluff trail | Source

Hiking Trails for Everyone

Bluff Point's beach is one of the best in Connecticut because they are located more than a mile from the parking area - thus even at the height of summer you can pitch your blankets close to the water. But all the vista sites at the park are some distance from where you leave your car (excepting the picnic area immediately next to the cars), so be prepared to walk. That said, the main loop trail at Bluff Point is suitable for any level of walker. Wide enough for vehicles, you can bring your bike, your dog, even your horse. For the more adventurous among us, numerous narrow, sometimes steep, side paths wind their way off the main trail at regular intervals. From entry to the first clam beach is perhaps a quarter mile; the main beach is a mile to a mile and a half down the road. Completing the loop is about 3 and a half miles, with a spur on the eastern side adding another mile round trip.

Long Island Sound from the Bluff
Long Island Sound from the Bluff | Source

Other Activities

Walking paths and hiking trails are the main part of Bluff Point, but there are other activities available. As previously mentioned, there is a small picnic area at the park entrance and a half circle beach on the estuary. Five different clam areas along the shoreline alternate opportunities to catch your own seafood. With that are saltwater fishing spots and multiple boat launches for everything from kayaks to sailboats. The ruined foundation of the home of Connecticut's first governor, John Winthrop, are preserved on the side spur trail. There is also a nature research center as the park is an official Coastal Reserve. Plenty of wildlife including birds and small mammals are in residence.

Directions and Hours

Bluff Point State Park is located in Groton, Connecticut. From I-95 take exit 88. Go south on SR-117 and turn right on Rt. 1 South. Take a left at the first light on Depot Rd. and follow to park entrance.

  • Open daily 8 am to sunset.
  • Permits required for shellfish collection. Apply at Groton Town Offices at the corner of Rt. 1 and Depot Rd.
  • Pets allowed. Biking allowed. Horses allowed on main trails.
  • No refuse containers are provided - take out everything you bring in.
  • Visit nearby Fort Griswold, Fort Trumbull or Harkness Memorial State Parks while you're in town!


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  • texasgirlfw profile image

    texasgirlfw 6 years ago

    Connecticut is such a beautiful state. I grew up there and was amazed at the beauty.