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Family Road Trip Activities

Updated on June 22, 2014

Vacations are supposed to be fun...

Vacations are supposed to be fun, but sometimes, especially with children, traveling can be long and tedious. The eternal question of "Are we there yet?" can be repeated through infinite unless little minds are kept occupied, and not everyone has (or wants to have) televisions, video games, and iPads installed in their vehicles. The following are some activities to keep children busy and parents sane on long car or plane rides.

Road Trip Bingo

It seems like everyone has played a variation of Road Trip Bingo. Either develop a list of items or make Bingo cards with common items seen from a car window. As these items are spotted, they are marked off, and the traveler who gets the most or five in a row wins.

Items that can be used are:

  • Different color cars
  • Animals - dogs, horses, cows, sheep, etc.
  • Passengers in other cars doing different activities such as singing, reading, or sleeping
  • Road signs - stop, yield, Main Street, etc.
  • Semi trucks for different companies such as McDonald's or Walmart

Favorite Vacation

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Chronicle the Journey

Vacations are also about building memories, so why not use that to your advantage? Let children take pictures of whatever they want (buildings, people, animals, etc.). While traveling, children can write about whatever they have been doing or want to do. As you vacation, they can collect small souvenirs such as rocks, leaves, flowers, and seashells. Use note cards and crayons or markers to illustrate your own postcards. Later, these items can be used in a scrap book, photo album, or treasure keepsake box to be enjoyed for years to come.


Name That Tune

The classic game of Name That Tune can be brought on any road trip thanks to the invention of the mp3 player, or if you don't have an mp3 player, just flip through the radio stations. This is a great way to expose kids to different music or bring up stories for discussion based on an old song.

What is your favorite road trip song?

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Would You Rather?

This is a humorous game that offers two less than desirable options that you must decide between. This usually incites a lot of conversation and debate.


  • Would you rather have a million dollars that you can't spend or free food for the rest of your life from a restaurant you don't like?
  • Would you rather eat a booger or a worm?
  • Would you rather run past a pack of wild dogs with hamburgers in your pocket or swim with sharks with a cut on your leg?

What If?

This is another game to start conversations and debate. By asking the question "What if...?" you can learn a lot about your child's personality and thought process. Questions can be as funny or serious as you want.


  • What if you were president?
  • What if you had a million dollars?
  • What if you could ride a roller coaster to school?
  • What if you could design your own animal?
  • What if you lived on the moon?

Family Feud or Top Ten Lists

Most people enjoy top ten lists. Heck, David Letterman has made a career of them! Create your own, family friendly lists. You can either make a list in advance and have the children guess what is on the list or have the children help make a list.


  • Types of dogs - beagle, pit bull, dalmatian, sheepdog
  • Boys names that start with G - George, Geoffrey, Greg, Graham
  • Things in the fridge - milk, eggs, cheese, leftovers
  • Things Mom shouts when she is angry - Stop! Get over here!

Who am I?

This is a game of picking a name from a hat and giving clues to get the other players to figure out who you are.


  • I wore a top hat, had a beard, and was president during the Civil War. - Abe Lincoln
  • I eat carrots, avoid hunters, and say "What's up, Doc?" - Bugs Bunny
  • I am an orphan, have an owl, and play Quidditch. - Harry Potter
  • I am tall and yellow and have feathers, and I live on Sesame Street. - Big Bird


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    • Amanda108 profile image

      Amanda 3 years ago from Michigan, United States

      Family Feud and "Would you rather?" are definitely my favorites! Even as an adult those entertain me. Cute hub, voted up.


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