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Famous Mountain Resorts

Updated on October 22, 2011

Visiting any Famous Mountain Resorts of the World is an exclusive experience on one’s life. Especially for those who are real risk taker and thriller, really want to do something exciting and different in their lives.

Mountains resorts are filled with exhilarating and breathtaking activities for everyone. There is a huge list of famous mountain resort which you can visit and enjoy with your family. However, here we discuss details about two of them.

Eagle Heights Mountain Resort

The magnificent views are the earliest thing that smacks tourists to the Eagle Heights Mountain Resort. This resort is situated on Mt Tamborine, despite the fact that sight are what Tamborine mount is well-known for, Moreton Bay in the north down to Tweed Heads in the south.

Enjoy The Sceneries on Eagle Heights Mountain Resort

You can book accommodation just according to your needs; however whatever you book there you will get a room attached with terrace and bathroom facility.

You can enjoy while lying around your private terrace of your motel style lodging, sit over the clouds, and be fascinated by means of ever varying sky and outgoing views of the vicinity tropical forest and Pacific Ocean.

Arrangement For Special Occasions

Eagle Heights Mountain Resort offers amusement and a pleasant environment, and the separate area for arranging any sort of parties, whether birthday or wedding. As it is a very common trend that many people arrange their special occasions on such type of mountain resorts.

Because people want full excitement, away from the rush and the hectic city life, just in the peace full environment. This resort helps you to arrange such type of occasion, as they can easily arrange tailor right there on mountains. And if needed so you can get help for your bridal outfit or the groom’s outfit.

Other Services

Internet availability, 19 housing rooms, spas with all fully serviced, two rooms for conference, an inclusive wedding service with Photos, suites (with spa), Restaurant 24/7, Boarding for Pets nearby and the Gold Coast Theme Parks nearby! This resist is perfect for sports lover and thriller who wants to take part in sports like parasailing and gliding.

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is situated just 12 miles away from north of Jackson Hole Wyoming. Wyoming is the biggest and the most famous skiing region in the world. Teton village is sited at the bottom of the mountain.

By the side of the resort there are enormous slope side hotels for Jackson Hole accommodation, condominiums, rental homes, and restaurants. This mountain is first open in 1965; the Mountain has bit by bit turn out to be one of the most well-known ski areas in Wyoming and the Western United States.

By means of over 2,500 acres of land spread over two neighboring mountains, the Resort possesses runs that go above four miles and presents 24 miles of spruced paths. 

Facilities On The Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Facilities On the mountain at the Resort consist of Casper Restaurant at the underneath of Casper Bowl and Corbets Cabin Restaurant at the zenith of the Tram.

If the weather allows, then the tuck shop which is situated at the Thunder Mid mountain opens and presents delicious snacks and drinks to the tourists and visitors.

During The Summer Season

The Resort changes into a mountain bikers, hikers and sightseers glory, by means of the airborne Tram enduring in service to carry outside aficionados to the top of Rendezvous peak.

This is an enormous starting point for during the night backpacking trips into the Grand Teton National Park. In the midst of more than seven miles of service roads, mountain bikers have the chance to handle varied terrain together for up and downhill. Tourists and Visitors will also be indulgenced to a range of exciting wildflowers and animals.


Meals would be perfect in this amazing Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. For breakfast you can get freshly baked bread and cookies from the most famous bakery of the mount, named as Bunnery Bakery.

Once on the mountain, travel on the new mid-air tram to the summit for homemade waffles at Top of the World Waffles. Lunches and dinners are also very delicious on many famous or non famous restaurants of the mountain, such as Couloir Restaurant, Nick Wilson's Bar and Grill, and Snake River Brewing Company.


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