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Fantastic Walt Disney Cruise Lines Vacation Packages – A Review

Updated on July 15, 2009

If you are thinking about taking a cruise this summer you should definitely consider going on a Disney Cruise. This is a fantastic vacation for couples as well as families with children young and old.

There is a choice of destination that you can choose from and also a choice in the number of days and nights you would like to go away for. Disney Cruise Line gives you the option of the 3 day, 2 nights holiday or the 7 day, 6 nights trip. It all depends on how long you have for your holiday and of course, your budget.

Disney 3 Day Cruise

With the 3 day cruise you will get the chance to visit two different islands. When I travelled I got to see Nassau and Castaway Key, which actually belongs to the Disney Corporation.

They have made this island very welcoming by making sure that the food buffet service area is fully stocked and you are only seconds away from getting your soda refilled so that you can head off to the beach and completely relax and sunbathe for a few hours before it is time to head back on board the luxury liner.

Disney 7 Day Cruise

On the longer cruise, you will have a few more days out at sea and also have the chance to see up to 3 different locations. Depending on the itinerary that you choose, the islands that you may get to visit are either St Maartens, St Thomas, and of course Disney’s own island, Castaway Key.

Walt Disney Cruise Lines
Walt Disney Cruise Lines
photo credit: lemoncat1

I loved my first cruise so much that I went again the following year. I have now been 3 times on a Disney cruise and have enjoyed each and every vacation.

Each time I have returned and introduced a friend to this type of holiday they have loved the experience too. I haven’t even mentioned the fantastic characters that you get to see wandering around the ship during breakfast, at lunchtime and at different times during the day.

The look of excitement on the children’s faces when Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse come to say hello is something you will never forget or ever tire of.

During my trip to the states I also incorporated a visit to Walt Disney World, well if you are going to see the ship, you have to visit the homeland too. The parks were all very busy but we still managed to get on all the rides and to take in several shows. There is something for everyone, whether you want a leisurely pace or are after the thrill seeking rides.

If you have the chance to go, I would thorough recommend taking Walt Disney Cruise Lines vacations whatever your age. Mickey Mouse is not just for the kids.

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