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Heli Skiing – A Different Type of Adventure Vacation

Updated on July 13, 2010

If you are looking for a different type of adventure holiday and you like the outdoors you might want to consider going heli skiing.

What is heli skiing?

This activity or sport has been around since the 1960’s. it is basically a form of skiing. The major difference is that with normal skiing you are limited to the ski resorts and the ski runs that have been created and are accessible by ski chair lifts, cable cars or T bar lifts.

In stark contrast, if you go heli skiing you are able to go off to different types of terrains by travelling in a helicopter and being dropped off in the middle of nowhere. Yes it is like something out of a James Bond movie or a Tom Cruise Mission Impossible saga. People really do pay to be dropped off on top of a mountain.

Experience the thrill of heli skiing
Experience the thrill of heli skiing
photo credit: dirkgroeger

Who Can Go Heliskiiing?

Heli skiing is available to all people who can afford this type of activity. It is not cheap because the price will include the cost of the helicopter hire as well as a trained ski guide to accompany you down the mountain slopes.

It is also recommended that anyone partaking in this type of sport should be able to ski at an intermediate or advanced level. This is necessary because the guides can not be 100% sure of the snow conditions that you could face as you start your descent down a mountain so you have to be fully equipped to manage skiing whatever challenging route you may come across.

All heli skiers are fully prepared for all conditions
All heli skiers are fully prepared for all conditions
photo credit: dirkgroeger

Heli skiing lets you explore fantastic locations
Heli skiing lets you explore fantastic locations
photo credit: andre charland

Why Choose Heli skiing?

Some people like the excitement and challenge that they can get from skiing in an area that very few people will have access to.

You can get a great adrenalin rush knowing that you are negotiating runs that are not clearly marked out by red or blue or even black poles.

This is like virgin territory and these ski runs tend to be unclassified so you don’t know if you will make it down the mountain with ease or if you will face terrifying and exciting vertical drops.

The Risks In Heli Skiing

As you will be skiing in areas that are not specifically maintained as regular ski runs as they would be if these routes were part of a ski resort, there is a much higher risk of danger.

This can include finding yourself in areas susceptible to avalanches as well as skiing to places where you face the test of trying to get down a steep mountain face with little protection.

Professional companies will ensure that clients are skiing in safe zones but fast changing weather conditions can not always be predicted.

Heli skiing is an exciting alternative to resort skiing and if you take all the necessary precautions you will have an exhilarating time.


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