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Holidays For The Single Traveller

Updated on July 10, 2010

The Novel Idea Of Travelling Alone

It is now quite normal for people to be happily single. However it can be difficult enjoying your life as a singleton when you want to go on holiday as everything seems to be geared towards either couples travelling together or for families.

Luckily several companies have realized that there is a gap in the market and that there are people who want to go on holiday on their own. These companies have taken into consideration things like creating package tours where you do not have to pay a single supplement fee on a hotel room.

You are in the company of other like minded holiday makers who want all the things that couples and groups are offered like the help from a tour operator, a good choice of accommodation and a wide range of holiday destinations to choose from.

As these companies are catering for the single traveller who wants to visit cultural destinations you will not be surrounded by loved up couples or be subjected to the antics of those on an 18 – 30s holiday which is usually linked with excessive drinking and lewd behaviour from guys and gals who seem to have escaped the clutches of their parents and are intent on enjoying their one week of alcohol filled vacation to the max.

Holidays for the single traveller are more popular than ever
Holidays for the single traveller are more popular than ever

Things To Look For When Booking A Holiday As A Single Traveller

Do some online research into companies offering trips for single people and compare and contrast prices and destinations on offer. You may find that some online sites have testimonials from satisfied customers who have left feedback on their holiday vacation experience as a single traveller.

Check and compare the prices with those that are offered by the standard tour operators. You want to make sure that you are still getting a bargain by going with a company that specialises in arranging tours and vacations for solo holidaymakers so always compare what there is on offer from different types of holiday firms.

Make Plans For Your Solo Holiday

Take the plunge and go for it. If you are ready to go on holiday but can’t persuade anyone else to go with you, then just do it on your own. Thousands of people are travelling alone and are signing up for tours geared to the singles market and have found it to be truly liberating. You are bound to meet like minded people who are in the same position as you and so you will definitely have the opportunity to make new friends and contacts.

So what are you waiting for? Life is for living so get on and enjoy it. Find out what’s on offer right now and start putting your dreams into action and making them a reality. Happy travels.

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