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First Steps while Backpacking Australia and finding a Travel Route

Updated on March 24, 2011
First time at Bondi Beach in Sydney
First time at Bondi Beach in Sydney

Alright, this is it. After months of preparation your are finally in the plane and on the way to Australia, one of the most amazing countries in the world. Every Backpacker is really excited at this point but many do not have a clear idea what to do next. The problem is that after you have arrived in Down Under, there are countless possibilities to choose from. So what are the first steps after you have landed?

Well first of all you have to arrange basic needs. Do you have found accommodation already? If not this should be your main priority. The main accommodation in Australia in the budget class are hostels. Luckily hostels are everywhere and they are quite cheap, depending on the kind of room you want and the kind of services which you require. Finding a hostel in nowadays is pretty easy. You can go online in one of the many Internet cafes and search online for them or if you have bought the Lonely Planet - Australia, then there are many hostels suggestions, including phone numbers and descriptions. There are also hostel chains like “YHA”, which are more expansive in the first place but normally offer discounts in case you book more often with them and luckily they are spread all over Australia. Nevertheless finding a hostel should be the first thing you should do, after you have arrived to Oz.

After you have found a hostel, you are able to enjoy Australia for the very first time. You can expect that you will be overwhelmed by the new environment, the people and the lots of other Backpackers from all over the world. The best thing you can do now is to rest and socialize with other travellers because you are more likely to be exhausted and tired from the long journey. Take your time, grab something to eat and give yourself time to realize that you are in Down Under now.

Normally you start your trip in Sydney, Melbourne or Cairns, which means that you are in a mayor city. Also these cities are huge meeting points for travellers from all over the world. Talking and socializing with other travellers is essential and fun, too. People are the key to have fun and a great time. Most of your stories you will tell you friends and family back home will be about how you met somebody and what you have experienced with them. More importantly other travellers can influence your travel behaviour a lot. During your first days you should plan your trip and decide a route you want to take, which is depending on the time you will spend in Oz and the things you want to see and the best and cheapest way to travel is to arrange travel groups with other Backpackers.

Finding a route that suites your interest is a very important part of your trip. The reason for this is quite obvious, first of all you want to see as much as possible from Australia and secondly you should consider the weather and time you have. Although many Backpackers stay for an entire year, does not mean, that they have seen everything. Australia is one of the biggest countries in the world and it is simply not possible to see everything, even if you travel a whole year, so take your time and think about the route you want to take.

Most travellers prefer to travel along the East-Coast and there are good reasons for that. The East-Coast is considered to be the best side of Australia for travelling because there are many surfer paradises, including “Surfers Paradise”, “Byron Bay” or “Noosa”. In addition it is the favorite place for Sky Diving and Scuba Diving, both is possible all around the East-Coast and the Great Barrier Reef. On the other hand the other coasts and even the inland are precious, too. On the south Coast for instance, you will find the “Great Ocean Road”, which was basically my personal favorite in Australia, as long as you have a surfboard. The West-Coast is also very nice and probably the most natural part in Australia where you find more nature and less tourists.

When it comes to the weather simply consider first, that you are in the southern hemisphere and therefore summer and winter are switched to what you are used to, if you life in the northern hemisphere. So the best time to fly to Australia is around October or November. Just keep in mind that many travellers chose this time of the year and you might have problems finding a hostel or a job.

Basically it all comes back to you and you are free to do whatever you want. I will probably write another Hub today about the importance of work and how you will find some but later more about that. So in case you want to go Backpacking in Australia, I wish you have as much fun as I had and that this article could help you and if you have problems finding work, while you are Backpacking I hope my new article can help you.


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