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Fun Games to Play On a Journey

Updated on October 23, 2014

Staying Awake on a Trip

When travelling, it is common for us to take a long trip. Sometimes it is on a bus, at times on a flight and even on the train at some locations. These journeys could easily take from 2 to more than 12 hours.

During these long journeys, all you need to do is prepare some games in order to make the journey a more memorable and less boring one. Depending on the number of people travelling together, different types of games can be played.

1. Card Games

For those who are traveling in twos or more, a card game can easily last a few hours as you play the various rounds. This could keep you awake especially if you are supposed to get down from your bus/train mid-way instead of at the last stop.

2. Chess

For those who prefer games with more strategy, chess can be a fun yet intellectual game. In this new century, there are many versions of chess sets, that are small and suitable for travel. Furthermore, magnetic versions are also available for sale and this will prevent chess sets from being lost easily.

3. Hangman

With paper and pen, one of the games which can be played is the Hangman. It is a game which tests one's vocabulary. To make things more fun, players can create themes so that the words are not so random. For instance, if you are travelling to Asia, why not use names of Asian cities, countries or food? This will help you to anticipate the fun you will experience once you reach the destination.

A Game of Chess.
A Game of Chess.

For Music and Art Lovers

4. Guess The Lyrics

For those who love music, this is a great game to play. Take turns reciting lyrics from songs, and allow the others to guess the name of the song and the singer who sung it. It is much harder than imagined as most of the time, a lot of people concentrate more on the song's melody instead of its lyrics. Even a popular song may be hard to guess unless it's lyrics has the word "Umbrella" in it.

5. Pictionary

This game also requires only paper and pen. For families with kids, this could be a great way for the kids to practice their drawing skills. This will also keep them entertained throughout the journey. As the kids get the hang of it, increase it from just one word to a phrase. This will make each round harder and allow time to pass more quickly.

When playing these games, you may be overexcited and become louder and louder. Do remember that there are other travellers nearby as well. Although you are still not tired, others may seek to rest after a tiring day. So even as you enjoy the games, ensure that others are able to enjoy their journey too.

What games do you play while travelling?

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    • lilian_sg profile image

      lilian_sg 6 years ago from Singapore

      Hi! You are most welcome =) Hope you enjoy playing Hangman during a journey...

    • GoodLady profile image

      Penelope Hart 6 years ago from Rome, Italy

      Thank you so much for your answer to my question. Your suggestions about games to play to happily occupy time on long flights are great. Hangman sounds interesting - an engaging way indeed to prepare for going to a new country.