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12 Awesome Tips to Experience an Amazing Family Vacation

Updated on November 8, 2012

A family vacation is a time that members of a family avail themselves to go away somewhere and have fun with each other for a period of time. Family vacations are often once a year in many households but it all depends on one family to another. These vacations are cherished as they tend to collect fond memories of the family together in happiness. Though they guarantee much of happiness, togetherness and fun, planning a successful family vacation requires time, money and the ability to accommodate needs of different members of the family.
Family vacations vary since the vacation destinations are different as some cater to the teens, others to kids, others to parents only. Before choosing o the vacation type, one should consider the following:
• The number of people traveling.
• Budget.
• Baby-sitting arrangements
• Eating and dining arrangements.
• Mode of traveling, air, water or road.
• Time of the vacation.
• Place of stay, hotel, camps etc.
Much of the planning workload fall on the heads of the parents. It can be quite stressful but when knowing various effective tips and advice on smooth traveling, and appropriate family vacation destinations one is sure to have his family enjoy a successful vacation.
The following tips will ensure that the process of planning and the actual vacation runs smoothly and becomes a success.
1. Make a confirmation of your family vacation reservation in good time. This should include hotel, car, air, train, dining and any event reservations. This will require just a few phone calls before leaving for your vacation. By confirming beforehand one is sure to avoid vacation stress.
2. When choosing a destination, consider other family members such as the children as it will be a worse scenario where you plan a vacation to the mountains yet the kids were dreaming of going to Disneyland. Everyone should be happy so put your kids and other members in mind when choosing a vacation spot.
3. Cancel any home delivery services for the period that the vacation will last. This applies to home newspaper delivery services. Remember to do this few days ahead of time.
4. Organize the credit cards and travelers cheques that you will require to carry with you during the vacation. In case of theft of the cards or cheques, ensure you make a list of emergency telephone numbers.
5. Carry some currency of the country you are going to, that is in the case of visiting a foreign country.
6. If flying, call the airline’s customer department to confirm that your flight is on time. Also pack a small bag of essentials that will be with you during the flight.
7. In the case where you are driving, have a good atlas at hand, you could also look online for map directions and to also find out about the driving times.
8. Family cars. If traveling by car, choose and go for the best car that will fit the whole family comfortably inside.
9. Destinations should be chosen depending on the season as there are vacation destinations that are suitable for winter, others are for summer.
10. To ensure that all batteries are charged, pack the video and camera equipment a day before leaving the house.
11. When choosing a hotel, go for one that is family friendly as not all can accommodate a family setting.
12. To be comfortable in terms of wardrobe choice, check and confirm the weather of your vacation destination before leaving the house.


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