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Insider’s Survival Guide to Silver Dollar City

Updated on May 5, 2009

I'm no fan of amusement parks, especially in temperatures over 100 degrees. However, I am a mother and to appease the little people I raise, I must occasionally do things I don't enjoy. In the spirit of making my kids happy, I took them to Silver Dollar City this summer. I survived and so can you! Here are my top tips for surviving this amusement park in Branson, Missouri.

Buy the Mug

If you visit Silver Dollar City in the summer, it's extremely important that you stay hydrated. Although much of the park is shaded by the gorgeous Ozark landscape, it is stinkin' hot in that place. And it's not a dry heat. Even before you set foot in line for the log ride, you'll be soaking wet in your own personal humidity. Most of the concession stands in the park will sell you a refillable insulated mug (for $8.50 in 2008). You can refill this mug at a much reduced price ($1.75 in 2008) with the drink of your choice for the lifetime of the mug. Even if you never visit the park again, even if you can't stand soda pop, it's a good deal. Here's why: you can get it refilled with lifesaving ice water for FREE! This little baby holds a cool place in my heart.

Buy Your Tickets in Town

I looked online trying to find the best deal going for the park, but in the end my procrastination paid off. I hadn't gotten my tickets before I got to my resort in Branson, which had a great deal going. Turns out many providers of accommodations as well as others in town were selling two-for-one day tickets to Silver Dollar City. This is an even better deal than you can get at the gate, which is if you arrive after 3pm, you get in the next day for free.

Ride Water Rides Strategically

If you ride the water rides, you will get wet. Not sprinkled, not damp, not misted. You will be dripping, soaking, drowned rate wet. Therefore, you need to be strategic. The first thing I noticed at Silver Dollar City were all the kids and adults walking around in bathing suits, with or without cover-ups. (I wore running clothes - of the quick dry variety!) If possible, I recommend breaking up your days into wet and dry rides. If you can't manage that, you'll probably want to save the wet rides for the end of the day, keeping in mind that the lines for those are long during summer. If you can spend and entire day on the dry rides, you'll get in a lot more rides and you can hold out the dream of getting doused for a second day!

Once I got into the spirit, I actually enjoyed out ‘wet day' the most. There is just something about leaving all vanity behind and walking around soaking wet in public that screams RELAX!


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  • kirstenblog profile image

    kirstenblog 8 years ago from London UK

    I used to go here as a kid on holidays all the time! This hub was a walk down memory lane for me! May I suggest you add a few more pictures? I would have really enjoyed more pictures in my walk down memory lane.

  • Kimberly Bunch profile image

    Kimberly Bunch 8 years ago from EAST WENATCHEE

    Cool Hub! Here's a fun one: