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Kerala tourism; the golden beach Cherai, Kochi

Updated on February 18, 2017
radhikasree profile image

Radhika is highly passionate of traveling and keen in observing things for penning them into a travel article.

Golden beach, Cherai
Golden beach, Cherai | Source
Route to Cherai beach from North Paravur
Route to Cherai beach from North Paravur | Source
Cherai beach
Cherai beach | Source
Cherai backwaters
Cherai backwaters | Source
Inner point of Cherai backwaters bearing a cluster of fishing nets
Inner point of Cherai backwaters bearing a cluster of fishing nets | Source
fishing shack
fishing shack | Source

The narrow road meandered through the serene backwaters…….somewhere a fisherman’s picture glided past my eyes……….the chirping of aquatic birds broke the silence……..

Lots of questions filled my mind while I was traversing this road. Where have I reached? Is this heaven?

The road stopped near a beach of clean and crystal clear waters. All of a sudden, golden rays of the sun embraced the horizon……………..the waves turned crimson as if they didn’t like to part with the sun.

This is the natural picturesque spot of Cherai, Kochi. Even if my native home is very close to this lovely spot, I could enjoy its glorious beauty recently only. The place was hidden inside a village and it got explored by the tourism department of Kerala few years back. During my last visit, I was taken aback at the beauty of this idyllic beach that is woven with palm fringed trees, backwaters, lagoons and canals by the eternal hands of God. The exemplary feature of Cherai beach is the rare blend of backwaters and sea that can be viewed very closely.

Cherai beach is a part of the Arabian Sea, situated in Vypin Island, Kochi, about 6km from North Paravur, my hometown. It is also known to be the Gateway of Muziris, the heritage capital of Kerala, 25km from Kochi International Airport. Lush green coconut groves and paddy fields add to the revelation of Cherai beach along-with sandy shores. If sunrise occurs on one end of the backwaters, sun sets on the sea creating a wonderful golden colored ambience of the merge of sky with sea. This beach has started attracting a lot of tourists, owing to the rich versatile features it has.

Cherai beach is shallow with mild waves and is ideal for swimming and sunbathing. Walkway enables a visitor to walk through the shores enjoying the beauty of the beach as well as the village. A cruise in the country-boat would take you through the palm fringed backwaters. At some inner point, fishing nets installed consecutively can be spotted that echoes on the main occupation of the people living here.

Prawns, lobsters, crabs are the main dwellers in these waters. The rare kind of fishing shack built by dried coconut leaves is one attraction in Cherai backwaters. A song scene in a Malayalam movie named “Nandanam” was shot on this fishing shack here.

Hotels on the beach

The endeavors of Kerala tourism in raising Cherai beach as a major tourist spot brought light into the establishment of various hotels and resorts of international standard here. Cherai beach resorts, Sun village resorts and Indriya beach resorts & spa are some of them. They’ve the contemporary services and amenities to meet the traveler’s needs and provide a comfortable stay on the nature’s lap.

Cherai beach resorts

Cherai beach resort
Cherai beach resort | Source

This resort is designed so elegantly that the cottages or villas inside it have waterfront view of both the sea and the backwaters. If the front side of the villa gives a mesmeric vista of sunset in the sea, the back side cools the eyes with sunrise in the backwaters. The resorts have a number of cottages both heritage and modern picturesquely landscaped with lagoons, canals and single arch bridges meandering them. Fishermen villas symbolize the cultural heritage of Kerala whereas modern villas are meant for a luxurious stay.

The resort provides all the necessary items such as beach umbrellas and beach benches to spend evenings on the beach. Tourists can visit the fishermen village, fishing boatyard and fishing harbor to spare sometime with the country people. Ferry boats carrying paddy or fish, fishermen spreading their nets, reapers singing in the fields, children splashing water, storks on their catch out for prey and kingfishers diving in for fish lure the eyes of a nature lover. The monsoon season makes Cherai beach magical with waters gushing into the sea and backwaters along-with the cloudy climate.

Fisherman's villa
Fisherman's villa | Source
3 Elephant resorts
3 Elephant resorts | Source

Facilities in the resort

Cherai beach resorts would clasp to the memories of a traveler all through his lifetime with all the facilities it has. The resorts have a splendid collection of villas from which you can choose your favorite. They are:

  1. Pool villas have an outlook of a fishermen villa with a mini pool added to it. With a round bedded room and a balcony overlooking the lake, these villas maintain their charm and the tourist’s emotions as well.
  2. Fishermen villas are typical tribal houses of Kerala. They are built using the natural products such as coir, bamboo and the roof thatched with palm leaves. Mud plastered walls also add to the ambience. These natural products cool the atmosphere inside the villa. Enjoy nature outside and inside through Cherai beach resorts.
  3. Sunrise villas are newly built facing the serene backwaters. They have a separate courtyard with gorgeous gardens, hammocks and sunbath facility. Backwaters would present a pleasant cool panorama of sunrise for the guest staying in this villa.
  4. Doctors Premium villas are newly built Kerala modern homes in a natural setting. With two master bed rooms and bath rooms, this villa is ideal for a family stay.
  5. Doctors villas are air conditioned facing a lotus pond. Beach can be accessed easily from this villa.
  6. Club villas are compact modern Kerala homes furnished with all the amenities.
  7. 4 bedded villas are heritage type non A/C villas for a family or a group. These villas have separate enclosed courtyards for private gatherings and functions.
  8. Garden villas resemble club villas equipped with all modern facilities.

Conference halls in the resort

Cherai beach resorts have three types of conference halls to minister those who would propose for a natural setting.

‘Rajadhani’, the A/c conference hall has the panoramic view of Arabian Sea & swaying coconut leaves with a capacity of 75 people in classroom style and is well furnished with all the modern facilities for conferencing.

‘Tharavadu’, the heritage type mini A/C conference hall has the view of backwaters and coconut lagoons and can accommodate 25 people in classroom style.

'Koothambalam', the open-air banquet hall with thatched roof facing the Arabian Sea has a capacity of 300 people.

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Ayurvedic spa

Kerala Ayurvedic massage is very popular and tourists always visit Kerala aspiring for the same. Cherai beach resorts have a unique treatment centre 'Ayurmana spa' having the facilities for all Ayurvedic treatment, Yoga and Naturopathy.

It is one's personal choice to visit Cherai beach during summer season or monsoon. But summer (March - May) is the peak season when the beach gets crowded with tourists and locals. Sunrise and sunset can be viewed best at this time. Monsoon (June - September) makes this place majestic as the climate also adds its own aura to this water world. The waves would be big and the walkway also will get occupied by the beach. This is the off season when tariffs also go low.

A visit to Cherai beach is like a visit to heaven that would remain a golden feather in your souvenirs.

Cherai beach, Kochi

A markerCherai beach -
Cherai Beach, Vypin, Kerala
get directions

Cherai beach is god's another wonderful play of nature.

© 2012 Radhika Sreekanth


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    • radhikasree profile image

      Radhika Sreekanth 5 years ago from Mumbai,India

      Thanks travelholidays for making a comment. We've holidays here and yesterday only we made it to Cherai beach. Evergreen, ecstatic beach!!

    • travelholidays profile image

      travelholidays 5 years ago from India

      It is always pleasure to hear more about Kerala destinations. This hub makes me to visit Cherai beach soon . Thanks for sharing this article with amazing pictures :)

    • radhikasree profile image

      Radhika Sreekanth 5 years ago from Mumbai,India

      Thanks Rajan Sir for adding up to the discussion. An evening in Cherai beach would cherish your memories forever. Thanks for the votes and share.

    • rajan jolly profile image

      Rajan Singh Jolly 5 years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA.

      Cherai beach is a beautiful pace to be at. I love the very attractively built resorts that are equipped with so many facilities to make the stay a pleasant one.

      Voted up, useful, interesting and shared.

    • radhikasree profile image

      Radhika Sreekanth 5 years ago from Mumbai,India

      Yes, nagapriya, Kerala is indeed beautiful.

    • profile image

      nagapriya 5 years ago

      Kerala is a god's own place and it is a beautiful destination

    • radhikasree profile image

      Radhika Sreekanth 5 years ago from Mumbai,India

      Hi lex123,

      You visited Cherai beach! That was awesome to hear and hope the scenic backwaters and the sea would have refreshed you. Thanks for letting me know.

    • lex123 profile image

      lex123 5 years ago

      You are very true about the beauty of this place, radhikasree. You have brought out it through your beautiful words. I had been there twice as I have relatives staying nearby.

    • radhikasree profile image

      Radhika Sreekanth 5 years ago from Mumbai,India

      Thanks Angela for sharing this!:)

    • Angela Brummer profile image

      Angela Brummer 5 years ago from Lincoln, Nebraska

      I am back to share this great article! :)

    • radhikasree profile image

      Radhika Sreekanth 5 years ago from Mumbai,India

      Hi Angela, I'm glad that you loved our place very much and thanks for the lovely compliment and share!

    • radhikasree profile image

      Radhika Sreekanth 5 years ago from Mumbai,India

      Thanks breathing for stopping by. Actually there are two routes to the beach from Cherai junction. The normal route doesn't meander through backwaters,but the second route is what gives the feeling of heaven. You can book a ticket to Kerala and visit those godly places. Thanks.

    • radhikasree profile image

      Radhika Sreekanth 5 years ago from Mumbai,India

      Thanks anusujith for the heartfelt comment. You can visit Cherai beach and directly experience its charm and beauty.

    • radhikasree profile image

      Radhika Sreekanth 5 years ago from Mumbai,India

      Thanks thumbi for such a nice comment. Cherai beach is nature's paradise which a tourist love to see! Thanks for the share too.

    • Angela Brummer profile image

      Angela Brummer 5 years ago from Lincoln, Nebraska

      amisijith is correct this is amazingly beautiful! I will share this!

    • breathing profile image

      Sajib 5 years ago from Bangladesh

      To visit this place will be a dream for me. You have designed the real shadow of this beautiful place. The photos that you have used here are attracted me. I am in love with "Kerala" now. I do not know how I fulfill my dream in real now. And I should say that your hub is great. Thanks.

    • anusujith profile image

      Anoop Aravind A 5 years ago from Nilambur, Kerala, India

      I heard about cherai beach. But this much beautiful!!! I didn't expect... awesome write...

    • thumbi7 profile image

      JR Krishna 5 years ago from India

      The place looks awesome.

      You have all the details a tourist will look for

      Thanks for sharing


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