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Fun in the Sun: Making Beach Memories

Updated on March 18, 2014

Relax with a day filled with sunshine

The Stokers
The Stokers | Source

Did someone say beach?

Who doesn't like the beach? What's not to like? The beach is perfect in so many ways. The warm ocean breezes bring peace and tranquility. The salty seawater soothes our soul.

The sunshine smiling upon our faces makes us thankful for mother nature.

The beach is where many of us have had some of our fondest memories.

Whether with friends, family members or solo the list is endless of entertaining moments of the beautiful blue waters.

  • How many people had their first kiss at the beach?
  • Had their first date?
  • Were proposed to?
  • Were married on the beach?
  • How many people conceived their first child on the sandy shoreline?

The beach bonding memories are endless.

My adorable granddaughter Faith.
My adorable granddaughter Faith. | Source

Everyone in the water...

There are all sorts of entertaining activities that you could do while visiting the sandy shores.

  • Reading in the shade under a umbrella is a relaxing way to spend a day.
  • Walking along the shore barefoot with the sand between your toes is bliss. Did you know that while walking in the sand you actually burn more calories than walking on asphalt
  • Bring along a kite and literally "go fly a kite!" The additional calorie burn will be an added bonus!
  • Gather up the family, pack up a picnic, load up the car and have a fun-filled day at the beach! Bring along a camera, the family dog, a Frisbee or a kickball.
  • Run, frolic, laugh, swim, bond and most of all make memories.

Kenny Chesney - Summertime

Blake Shelton - Some Beach

Making memories at the beach

Memorable memories such as these will last a lifetime. As another bonus this fun-filled, fantastic day is FREE!

It could possibly be because my astrology sign is cancer the crab that I might favor the beach as much as I do. My element is water and my season is summer which might explain why I love water and the warm weather! A crab is able to walk or run sideways which is beneficial when having to endure an attacker. A crab's shell is hard and is able to take a licking, but it keeps on ticking. I'm honored to have the crab as my astrological sign, yet I'm rarely crabby.

When is the last time you built a sandcastle? It's a very simple task. Bring along a bucket and shovel or just use your hands. Pile damp sand and mold into a sculpture of your choice. Have a contest with family or friends when your masterpieces are complete. Have fellow beach bums vote on their favorite. The winner gets treated to an ice cream or a beer depending on their age of course.

Do you think you have the balance for surfing? If your answer is yes, then give it a try. If your answer is no then how about a boogie board? You don't need balance and you are guaranteed to have fun.

Seeking for shells is always a fun adventure. When the perfect unique shell is found it's bound to bring on a smile. Shells could be used for crafts. They could be placed in the bottom of a vase and they can enhance floral arrangements whether real or artificial.

Be careful of rip tides. Rip tides are strong sea currents which push away from the shore. They are formed by the strong winds pushing water towards the shore. If you are ever caught in a rip tide do not waste your energy fighting it and try your best not to panic. What you should do is swim parallel to the shore and swim back to safety.

Life's pressures seem to vanish while viewing the vast ocean. That moment places life into perspective. If the ocean could seem so endless, how could our worries seem so bountiful?

How about throwing caution to the wind and allowing all your worries to weave away with the waves? Would this make your baggage any lighter? Possibly for only a moment or two.

Once you are back in reality think of all the fun you just had during your day at the beach. I am thankful for the beach and all of my memories that I've made and will continue to make! Surfs up!

Faith has good balance!
Faith has good balance! | Source

What to pack for a day at the beach...

  • Sunscreen and a sun visor
  • Towels to dry off
  • Chairs or a blanket to lay down on to catch some rays
  • An umbrella to block the sun when you want to cool off
  • A Frisbee to get some cardio while also having a blast
  • Books or magazines
  • The evening before store some disposable water bottles in the freezer. You could use these bottles in your cooler to keep food cold and then you could drink the water once they defrost
  • A spray bottle filled with water could be used to clean sand off hands before you eat, baby wipes work also
  • An extra swim suit, hey you never know what happens...I've seen people lose their swim suits while frolicking in the waves
  • Frozen grapes are a refreshing treat
  • Extra clothes to change into before your drive home
  • A bucket and shovel to build the biggest and best sand castle
  • A bag to store the sea shells you collect
  • A camera to capture photos while you are making memories. Store in a plastic bag to avoid sand being trapped in it and keep AWAY from the heat and sun or else the bag will melt onto your camera. Yes, I have a friend that happened to. This applies to mobile phones also

Have a blast at the beach!

Zac Brown Band - Toes

Are you a fan of the beach?

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© 2012 Linda Bilyeu


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