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Pensacola Beach FL is Clear Water, Great Restaurants, and Perfect Weather in the Florida Panhandle...

Updated on April 8, 2011

Pensacola Beach Florida...

Probably one of my favorite beaches is Pensacola Beach Florida… The water up in the panhandle of FL is amazing and has incredible clarity! You can actually stand in chest deep water and see your toes! You really can’t do that anywhere else in Florida, except very occasional south of the city of Tampa… Having crystal clear see through water is great, especially if you want to see the sharks racing toward you before they take a bite! It’s also great for snorkeling, so make sure you bring your mask and snorkel to Pensacola Beach Florida!

There are many fun activities that you can at Pensacola Beach FL, including renting a jet ski or boat and exploring the area or just racing down the coast like a bat out of hell with your hair on fire… It can be extremely fun, especially if you have never done it before. Remember though, on rental jet skis they tend to throttle down the speed with governors, so top speed may be around 40 mph if you’re lucky. Another thing is that the rental models tend to be much smaller than the top of the line you might purchase for yourself and you’ll have to keep your speed up at all times in order to not capsize. If you are a small college student, then that might not be a problem!

Watch Out for Spring Break in Pensacola Beach Florida...

Spring Break is very popular at Pensacola Beach Florida, and college students from all over the southeast race down here for a week or so once school is out sometime in March or April, and it can be a very crazy place! The bars will be open non-stop it seems, parking can be a challenge, and traffic is also horrendous during this time of year, but for college students looking to hang loose and forget about school and tests, it’s the perfect thing! Hanging out at the beach all day with the many MTV parties and other beach activities is the thing to do, and at night they all head to the nearest dance floor and bar in order to meet the opposite sex… It’s an age old tradition in the states, and there’s no sign that it’s going to end anytime soon…

If you aren’t a college student and are looking for a little tamer visit to Pensacola Beach Florida, then try to come at another time. You’ll get much better prices at the hotels and restaurants, too, and not have the hassle of the traffic mess. There are some great hotels in the area, including the standard Hilton and Marriott, but to really get a good deal you’ll want to do a little research on your own. Try something a little different, like a condo that is for rent, a time share that is discounted for the week, or maybe a cottage on the beach… There’s nothing better than to wake up bright and early in the morning and walk out to your beachside balcony or patio overlooking the Gulf of Mexico and see the waves gently crashing in and the birds all vying for breakfast… At times like these, you don’t mind waking up early!

Great Eats in Pensacola Beach FL...

Pensacola Beach FL itself is amazing, and it’s a lot different from other beaches you may have visited. Daytona Beach is very murky and you can stand in knee deep water and not see your feet. However, you can drive on Daytona Beach and also New Smyrna Beach, which one of the main attractions over there. You can’t drive on Pensacola Beach, but the water is really the main attraction here… Clearwater Beach near Tampa sounds like it might be as clear and perfect as the panhandle, but because it’s close to Tampa Bay all the water coming in and out makes the water somewhat cloudy. It’s not bad compared to the east coast, but compared to the Panhandle it doesn’t even come close!

You’ll enjoy many great restaurants in the Pensacola Beach FL area, and seafood is at the top of the list! I mean, why come all the way down to the Gulf coast and not sample some of the fantastic fresh seafood available right from the morning boat! The prices are better than you might find farther inland also, because it doesn’t have to travel far… The Gulf of Mexico oil disaster that occurred last year really didn’t affect the seafood any, the area around Pensacola Beach is still incredibly pristine and has some mighty fine eating! So make your next vacation for Pensacola Beach Florida, and order up a mess of steamed oysters or mussels and wash it down with a Corona… You’ll love it!

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    • scubadoggy profile image

      scubadoggy 6 years ago

      Definitely one of my favorite beaches in Florida!

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      Emma 6 years ago from Houston TX

      Nice information

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      There's still snow on the ground here today . . . I'm trying to use my imagination . . .

      Nice hub. You've made me want to start packing.