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S15 Sukhumvit Hotel Review Bangkok, Thailand

Updated on February 28, 2012
Address: 217 Sukhumvit Soi 15
Address: 217 Sukhumvit Soi 15 | Source

Top Location in Bangkok, Very Clean and Guest Friendly

Bangkok's S15 Sukhumvit Hotel is a very affordable 4 star hotel in what is considered as the city's expensive area, the Sukhumvit district. And yes the S15 can be pricey for most travelers on a budget but there are websites where you can find discount rates for hotels in Bangkok including the S15 Sukhumvit.

This hotel is in a great location. For any first timers visiting Bangkok, staying at the S15 Hotel provides you easy access to explore the city. This popular guest friendly hotel near the Sukhumvit and Asok crossroad is right by two train station entrances. Since the area is a major pit stop for tourists there is no shortage of taxis available for hire. Though the area is quite often congested with vehicle traffic.

There are quite a few expensive hotels in the Sukhumvit district but the S15 Hotel is considered an affordable alternative for travelers who want to stay in an area where there is no need to walk far to reach a restaurant, a train station, shopping and nightlife hot-spots such as the Nana and Soi Cowboy red light districts.

And speaking of red light districts there are prostitutes that hang around near the hotel's entrance. They are not obtrusive at all but their intentions are quite obvious. This is not a mark against the hotel because even the ritziest hotel such as the Westin Grande which is only a few minutes away from S15 have prostitutes wandering around there as well. It's just a fact of life in Bangkok's foreign and tourists-centric neighborhoods. Though the S15 in my opinion is still a very good family friendly hotel choice.

It's really true that almost anyone can find and stay at an affordable 4 star hotel in Bangkok in the best location close to everything tourists need and the S15 Sukhumvit Hotel is a perfect example.

Points of Interest

Terminal 21
Soi Cowboy Red Light District
Sukhumvit MRT Station
Robinsons Department Store
Nana Red Light District
Asoke BTS Station
Emporium Mall
Arabic District

How to Get to S15 Sukhumvit Hotel from Airport

Since the S15 is located in a very popular part of Sukhumvit district you will have quite a few alternatives to get to the hotel. The easiest of course is by public taxi, which might cost about 350 Baht with the cost of highway toll and 50 Baht airport surcharge. Trip time from airport is around 45 minutes.

The cheapest and quickest way to get to the S15 is first by taking the city line Airport Rail Link to Makkasan station. Once there you have to transfer to the Petchburi subway station which is a short distance. Take the subway train to Sukhumvit station, it's only 1 stop away. S15 is about a 100 meters from the station. Please remember that Bangkok's train system stops service around midnight, so plan accordingly.

The location is very easy to reach whether you're taking a taxi or the train since S15 is in a prime area for experiencing most of the shopping, nightlife and cultural attractions in Bangkok.

Free Wi-Fi

S15 provide free Wi-Fi internet access to all guests. Connection speeds were fast but sometimes unstable while I was there. I noticed there were many routers placed throughout the corridor so there should be plenty of bandwidth.

Deluxe Room 310 Review

The S15 doesn't seem like it's a big hotel but somehow there are 72 rooms packed inside. I was a bit concerned that the room I booked would be too small. The lobby is pretty big and very comfortable with plenty of soft chairs to lounge on. The hotel definitely oozes 4 star charm. Checking in was quick and even though I had arrived just before 12pm they allowed me early check-in (most hotels in Thailand have a standard 2pm check-in time policy. But I find that most hotels in Thailand are relaxed in this rule).

A deluxe room at the S15 is basically their functional standard room, hence the least priciest. And that's the room type I booked to make this review. I was given a room on the 3rd floor, which is entirely a non-smoking floor. I did see a few other non smoking floors too.

As the elevator doors opened to the 3rd floor corridor I was greeted with the welcoming scent of Jasmine in the air. And gentle light music was playing in the background. I felt like I was in a spa. The atmosphere of the hotel is definitely very soothing and relaxed.

When I got to my room I did my usual quick inspection routine. I already knew that a hotel of this S15's quality and reputation would be clean. And it was indeed a very nice room. At around 30 sqm. the room actually feels a bit more spacious with the high ceilings. The over-sized mirror (a trick used by cruise ships) expanded the room's dimension further.

However I think the hotel has been renovated from an older property so not everything has been upgraded. The electrical sockets are still the 2-pin round types found mostly in older Thai buildings. But the hotel does provide an international plug adapter in the room so you can charge your portable electronics or notebook computer.

There is an armoire in the bathroom to keep your clothes. Inside is also where the electronic safe is stores. However, there is no lighting inside the armoire so it was a bit difficult to see inside because the bathroom lighting is not strong.

The bed was one of the best I've ever slept in. The mattress is possibly one of the top 3 beds of all the hotels I've slept on. Though the longer I stayed in the room I started to smell second hand smoke. It was probably coming from the air conditioning's vent system. And there was a smoke detector in the middle of the room but I suppose someone can just as easily smoke in the room's bathroom. It's not a negative that I would place on the hotel since they are not responsible for guests behaviors.

My reservation also included breakfast which was okay. There was the usual, eggs cooked to order, cereal, breads and a selection of hot foods. All the stuff you need to fill up on before you set off on your tour of Bangkok.

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One of the best mattress I've slept on in Bangkok's hotels.Not a huge room at 30 sqm. but still comfortable.For such a nice hotel their fitness 'center' is tiny.Nice big lobby at the S15.
One of the best mattress I've slept on in Bangkok's hotels.
One of the best mattress I've slept on in Bangkok's hotels. | Source
Not a huge room at 30 sqm. but still comfortable.
Not a huge room at 30 sqm. but still comfortable. | Source
For such a nice hotel their fitness 'center' is tiny.
For such a nice hotel their fitness 'center' is tiny. | Source
Nice big lobby at the S15.
Nice big lobby at the S15. | Source

As much as the S15 is advertised on travel websites as a 4 star hotel I would place it instead at 3.5 stars. There are a few criteria that the hotel has fallen short of. For one thing there is no swimming pool. There are quite a few hotels I have reviewed previously in Bangkok that is lower in price yet similar in quality that have a swimming pool. And the fitness room is really small and suitable only for 1 or 2 people the max. Though the hotel does provide a few noteworthy facilities such as a single person sauna room and a steam room.

I do like and recommend S15 Sukhumvit Hotel. It's a great hotel with a guest friendly atmosphere and location wise it's in the thick of everything a tourists could want and need for an enjoyable holiday. For the location alone if you're planning to stay at the S15 you'll be paying a slightly higher premium.

As of writing the hotel walk in rate for a deluxe room was around 2800 Baht including taxes and breakfast . I found a better deal for a deluxe at the S15 Sukhumvit Hotel at for 2500 Baht, everything included. Just like any other hotel I would never pay full price. But if you can find a very good hotel discount for the S15 Sukhumvit hotel that is affordable to you then you should jump at the chance to stay in one of the hotels I highly recommend in Bangkok's Sukhumvit district.


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    • Edwin Clark profile image

      Edwin Clark 5 years ago from Thailand by way of New York

      Hello johncimble, yes it was a very clean room and I had an enjoyable stay.

    • johncimble profile image

      johncimble 5 years ago from Bangkok

      The hotel looks very nice and clean!