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Single Trip Travel Insurance - Is it Right For You?

Updated on June 8, 2011

Spontaneous. Reckless. Random.

Have you ever felt like that?

Probably. I think we all have; it's a fundamental part of the human psyche. The problem, and it is a real problem, is many time when these idea pop into our heads we follow through with them without even thinking about it. Yes - I know - that's part of the whole spontaneous idea. But you can still be smart about it; you can still follow through while at the same time retaining a little bit of your sensibility, your foresight. Can't you?

Imagine all of a sudden you decide you're going on a vacation. You wake up one morning and say, 'I'm going on a vacation' (original, I know). You don't know where you just know you are; in fact you go to the globe and, like in the movies, spin it wildly. You close your eyes and place your finger on to stop it; wherever it lands is the place you'll go to.

Now let's say it lands on the alps and that, to you, means your going a ski trip. Maybe you'll even take a heli ski trip. It's a spontaneous idea so you like it.

See what I'm getting at? Sometimes it's good to purchase single trip travel insurance to cover your spontaneous, uhm, nature.


Single Trip Travel Insurance Comparison

The biggest question people have about single trip travel insurance is what the difference is between it and other travel insurance policies; in other words what's the benefits of purchasing a single trip travel insurance.

Single Trip Travel Insurance is perfect for people over the age of 65.
Single Trip Travel Insurance is perfect for people over the age of 65. | Source
If you spontaneously decide you want to visit a place like this then maybe it's a good idea to get some single trip holiday insurance.
If you spontaneously decide you want to visit a place like this then maybe it's a good idea to get some single trip holiday insurance. | Source

The greatest, and most obvious, benefit of a single trip travel insurance policy is in the name. It's a single trip policy, not a year long policy, or an annual family travel insurance policy. It's good for a single trip - how long that trip is is up to you, but the maximum is usually around 185 days. That means that spontaneous trip you suddenly spun the globe and decided to take, well, maybe its a good idea to buy some travel insurance.

The downfall of single trip travel insurance is tied in with it's biggest positive. The price for a single trip insurance policy is hefty, much more than, for example, a year travel insurance would cost you. It's so expensive because it doesn't ask much from you; it doesn't have any of the ties and loose ends other policies have wherein any type of cancellation might cost you. This is the closest you'll get to blind travel insurance, the closest you can get to a no questions asked kind of policy.

Single trip travel insurance is great for people on their own - say a student looking to travel abroad for a few months - and is even better for the elderly. Many policies focus on giving travel insurance for over 65s, 70, and even 85. This is for two reasons:

  • People over 65 are likely to travel very little, perfect for single trip travel insurance.
  • Single trip travel insurance has a wide array of benefits.

Single Trip Travel Insurance Benefits

Single trip travel insurance isn't for everyone. It's a convenient, one-shot, and - like the trip - spontaneous. It's much more expensive - and that, it turns out, is a good thing. It's so expensive because it gives you some many benefits in such a short period of time.

They are:

  • Cancellation: Things happen - that's the truth. Most of the time it's impossible to foresee the future and therefore impossible to know that a long-planned trip may become cancelled. This is where single trip travel insurance gets high marks. If your trip is suddenly cancelled, don't worry. Single trip insurance will cover all the costs for - aside for what you paid for the insurance - so you won't lose any of your money and you can plan the trip for another time.
  • Medical Emergency: Single trip travel insurance will cover your medical expenses. This is especially good if you go to a foreign land where your immune system is vulnerable to new viruses.
  • Convenience: With this kind of insurance you won't have to worry about paying any annual fees. This is the anti year travel insurance and this is a good thing. The worst is when you have an annual trip that gets cancelled; anything other then single trip travel insurance wouldn't pay for the cancelled trip.
  • More Cover: Lost your luggage; travel delays; legal costs? All this is covered with the purchase of single trip travel insurance.


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