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Summer Holiday Essentials

Updated on June 18, 2015

A Checklist of Summer Holiday Essentials

What are you going to take with you for your summer holiday? What are the most important items to you? Are you taking a large suitcase or a small hold bag? Will you buy clothes and accessories abroad, in duty free or just take everything with you?

Traveling on a plane these days gets harder and harder. You have to pay for your luggage to be stored on board and a lot of travelers opt to just take their hand luggage with them?

You have to think how you are getting to the airport and the stress factor of carrying your luggage./ If you are a single traveler it may well be better to take a single bag as hand luggage and the same may apply if you are traveling with your family and/or children.

I have found that taking your luggage with you on holiday, checking in and then getting your bags at the other end can be quite difficult and stressful. Also, as security checks are getting tighter in airports you may find you have a longer waiting time and also that customs will check your bags delaying you even more.

I have made a checklist of summer holiday essentials that I think are the most important to take with you.



Suncream (High SPF factor, and Aftersun)

Sundress, top and skirt, shorts (for the girls)

Shorts and T-shirt (for the guys)


Sandals, flip flops

Plus, remember to take some of these things in your handbag: passport, driving license, small compact mirror, makeup palette, credit and/or debit/cash cards, traveler's checks, travel insurance, medical insurance card, and so on.

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Not Checking In Any Luggage?

As security gets tighter in airports and luggage handling fees get higher more and more travelers are opting out of taking their suitcases and just taking one piece of hand luggage with them.

If you are just taking hand luggage what will you fill your bag with? If you are going on a beach holiday you'll need some day and evening wear, including swimwear.Here are a few ideas of what to fill your small suitcase or hand held bag with when you go on holiday.



Suncream, Aftersun (Travel sizes)

2 Sundresses


2 Sarongs


2 t shirts

1 Sandals, flip flops

Summer Holiday Items Checklist

Suncream, AfterSun
Travel Size Toileteries
Sandals/Flip Flops
Credit/Debit Card
Bottle of water

What you take with you depends on what kind of holiday you have!

What kind of holiday are you going to have? For example, are you planning a fitness based holiday or one sunbathing and going out at night? You may need to pack a tracksuit and running shoes plus a sun shade if you plan on going running early in the morning. Depending on where you are going though you may find it is too hot to go running and do much sports and fitness outside of the beach or pool areas.

Here are some ideas on what to take with you on different types of summer holiday. For example, on a:

Beach Holiday = Day wear, Evening wear, Swimwear,

Touristic Holiday = Hiking Shoes, Shorts, Sunhat, Sunglasses

Business Holiday = Summer Suit, Wedge Sandals, Sundress, Formal Wear

Free Video: Summer Vacation Essentials

You might have a spa facility in your hotel and even free beauty treatments that come with your holiday package.
You might have a spa facility in your hotel and even free beauty treatments that come with your holiday package. | Source

© 2014 Anna Christie


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