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Sweet Beef

Updated on November 8, 2010
Cairne's Mill.
Cairne's Mill.
The Sunshine Egg Farm.
The Sunshine Egg Farm.
Nick Gilmore at work.
Nick Gilmore at work.

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The country folks that live in the rural areas outside of the Lulawissie Township seldom come into town for their regular grocery shopping, lest it be for dry goods. There are many suppliers of fresh goods out in the countryside that keep the farmers and our other rural neighbors well supplied with eggs, produce and even some dairy products.

Take old Mr. Gilmore for instance. He has run his country meat market now for nearly 50 years out on route YY. He sells fresh meat of all kinds, makes his own sausage, deli meats and even cures his own hams and bacon. There is nothing better than waking up to Gilmore’s bacon with farm fresh eggs.

This brings me now to John McGivney. Mr. McGivney is the proprietor of the Sunshine Egg Farm out on the highway to O’Brien’s Ferry. He inherited the business from his father and grandfather in 1984 and has the best variety of farm fresh eggs anywhere around, and the only source for fresh eggs in Lulawissie County. Mr. Gilmore buys his chickens from McGivney’s farm for his butcher shop.

Neil Finney and his wife, Bertha have quite a venture going on their farm. Bertha tends to her bee hives and jars honey (with the comb inside) for sale at their roadside stand and at the Gas and Grocery. Neil tends to his 200 acres of sugarcane and his modest herd of Angus cattle, which he allows to graze on about 25 acres of cane every year. He claims that the sugar in the cane makes the beef sweeter tasting and is sold exclusively by Mr. Gilmore as “Lulawissie Sweet Beef”. Bertha in the meantime harvests her share of the cane and makes molasses, which she also sells with the honey, and rum, which she keeps back for her “special customers”.

At the Lulawissie Harvest Fair (which is going on right now) you can find the Finney’s booth at the edge of the commons just past the beer tent, under the big O’Shaunessy Oak. Mrs. Finney’s honey has always been a favorite during the Harvest Fair, but if you ask nicely, she might slip you a little flask of her rum. Usually, you can find the Gilmore’s Meats booth parked next to the Finney’s, as they are somewhat in business together. Gilmore will always have his grill and smoker going, handing out samples of Finney’s Sweet Beef to all who pass by.

Sean Cairne, the owner of Cairne’s Mill lost his booth space to the Bird Watchers this year because he didn’t get registered by the deadline. He has ended up with a small booth next to Schnitzel’s Bait and Tackle which isn’t doing much business this time of year, but the Finney’s and Mr. Gilmore have both graciously agreed to display his wares and send people his way.

Cairne’s Mill is one of the few original stone mills left in the South. Located on the shore of the Lulawissie River at the confluence of Fahy’s Creek, Cairne’s water wheel is always turning, grinding corn, wheat, oats and dried hominy into flour and grits. He has a little shop in the front of his mill that is run by his wife, Lorene. His technique for grinding is unique, as he roasts the grain prior to running it through. He is a true artist when it comes to milling.

And of course we had all the usual stuff going on, the funnel cakes, the Ferris wheel and all the other carnival attractions. Out at the dock, Schnitzel had a casting contest for the all for the kids and their dads. Every night of the celebration ends in a fireworks show launched from Fahy’s Island. As the weather dips into the sub freezing temperatures, the more hearty swimmers will all gather at the beach front park very soon for the annual polar bear swimming race out to the 100 yd. buoy and back.

It is a wonderful time here in Lulawissie. There is so much fun and friendship, happiness and joy. It is life on the edge of heaven.

Have a blessed evening.

The entire contents of this writing, including the name “Lulawissie” is protected by the copyright laws of the United States of America. © 2010 By Delbert Banks.


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    • badegg profile image

      Del Banks 7 years ago from Southern Appalachians

      Come back anytime! Let me know ahead of time, we'll hook up.

    • The Associate profile image

      The Associate 7 years ago from Southeastern USA

      I took a drive this weekend down to Lulawissie. What a wonderful place to be! I walked around the South End Marina, watched the kids and their dads at the dock and even tried some of Nick Gilmore's slow-smoked sweet beef. What a delightful day it was! I can see why you think it is a great place to live. Mayberry's got nothing on Lulawissie!