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Tenerife has a Yellow Mountain by Amarilla Bay

Updated on October 4, 2014

In Amarilla Bay

Amarilla Bay is on the south coast of Tenerife and it has its own mountain known as Yellow Mountain or Montaña Amarilla in Spanish. Amarilla means yellow and indeed the rock of which this volcanic cone is composed really is a yellowish colour.

Yellow Mountain looks out over Amarilla Bay's waters and down the coast to the Amarilla Golf area and then to El Médano with its own Red Mountain or Montaña Roja. Amarilla Bay is part of Costa del Silencio and has a community housing complex that overlooks the sparkling ocean below.

Yellow Mountain

Yellow Mountain peak. Photo by Steve Andrews
Yellow Mountain peak. Photo by Steve Andrews

More about Amarilla Bay

There are many Tenerife apartments in Amarilla Bay in the community housing complex there and there are many other such complexes in the Costa del Silencio area of Tenerife. Apartments are for long and short term rental and many people who are looking for Tenerife accommodation for self-catering holidays or on a more permanent basis find it here. Costa del Silencio and Amarilla Bay are within a short drive to the Reina Sofía Airport for Tenerife South making it convenient for holiday-makers and visitors to the island.

Amarilla Bay complex is very well maintained with its own pool for the use of residents and is a quite area suitable for pensioners and families. Anyone wanting some entertainment though can simply nip down Flicks Bar on the seafront there.

Flicks Bar has Sunday afternoon cabarets and roast Sunday dinners are served. Most evenings there is live music, karaoke, quizzes and other entertainment on at this popular venue too.

Tables and chairs out in the sun make it an ideal place to relax in font of the ocean and on the one side you can see the impressive Yellow Mountain towering above. Many people like to climb up it via the footpath and it gives some great views over the coast and sea.


Ceropegia fusca
Ceropegia fusca

Unusual plants

The Yellow Mountain and the coastal land around it is a protected nature reserve and has some very interesting plants that grow there. One of these is the Cardoncillo (Ceropegia fusca) which is a succulent with long silvery-grey-green stems. It forms clumps in the semi-desert conditions here.

Romero Marino (Campylanthus salsoloides ) is in the Foxglove family and has violet-pink flowers. This evergreen shrub is a protected species that also grows in the area around the Yellow Mountain.

Botanists, naturalists and geologists too will find plenty to interest them here. Many people simply enjoy climbing the mountain or walking along the coastal paths.

There is a small rocky beach between Flicks Bar and the Yellow Mountain which is popular with locals who like to sunbathe there. Further around the shoreline at the base of the mountain is another beach where nudity is allowed and this is where many naturists like to gather to enjoy the sun on their bodies.

Scuba diving is popular in the ocean here too and a television documentary looking at life under the seas was filmed in part in Amarilla Bay. An episode of a comedy drama that was shown on the Welsh S4C TV channel was filmed at Flicks.

Amarilla Bay and its Yellow Mountain have plenty of varied attractions for visitors to Tenerife to enjoy.

Tenerife Diving - Yellow Mountain and the Rays

© 2011 Steve Andrews


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