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The Beautiful Cities Beside the River

Updated on September 15, 2015

I never get bored to write about travel destination again and again. If we have a chance and God give us longevity. And also we have some money. We can visit many beautiful places around the world. We can see anything along the journey. Like: the beach, mountain, lake, mall, park, the river and many more. But through this hub I want to share about "the beautiful cities beside the river". This information very attracted me much. I think we all like to see clear water, shade of trees and buildings, passing boat, and other surprising from the river. For me personally, river water is a mirror of nature. The reflection of sunlight gives peace of mind. God give this for free, why we don't use this place for relax.

We can found many cities around the world with the beautiful scenery from the river. I mean the city located beside the river. Most of these cities as tourism place. We can see a lot of cafes with open tent offering warmth and beauty of the river side. We can chat while drink a cup of tea or coffee. That must be a wonderful moment. I am proud to present this information for all of you. I post several beautiful cities beside the river. Please enjoy all information below.


We can see many beautiful places in Netherlands. Because this country offers many travel destination as one package when we traveling in Europe. But now I talk about settlements in the Netherlands that is very similar with the form and urban design, such as Venice-Italy. We can call this "water settlements". This area classified as a low land, between the shaded trees, far from noisy and pollutions, surrounding by the small river with clear water. It's like a heaven in the world. That's why if I have a lot of money, Netherlands also in my top list for travel destination.

We will be greeted with a friendly people and always smiling. The residents agree in not using vehicles, like motorcycles and cars. For transportation facilities they love to use simple small boats. For taking the path on the ground, the people prefer walk or cycling. I heard that the people like minimalist home furnishings and it not produce pollutions. We can call this the clean city and suitable for settlements. Are you curious with this place? Please continue to read......

I found this information from internet forum who discussed about this place. This place called Giethoorn. It located in the Northeast Netherlands, precisely in the Overijssel region. The coordinates of this place : 52 ° 44 '0 "North, 6 ° 5' 0" we can found it through google earth. The length of this settlement is only about 1 km and its width is only about 300 meters. This area was filled with many canals. We can see approximately 30 until 50 houses in this area. But, this was unlike the house in the big city with dense population. Please enjoy the pictures below

Guilin City, China

Every time we mention the name of the city, we certainly will associate with the name of the river. In fact the river that flows through the city that gave this city of beauty and charm. That the city of Guilin and the Lijiang River. This river flows along 400 km. We can see the beautiful of the both side of the Lijiang River. There is an ancient poet who praised Guilin’s river as the number one of the beautiful river in the world. Those words were still often used to describe the beauty of Guilin city. The river water was clear like a mirror flanked by hills of various shapes with drop shadows on the water surface as a scenic river forming the frame. God...this was really beautiful.

For those who ever visited the Guilin city would gave a praise as China's traditional paintings, landscapes and cities in harmony. In every corner of this city we can see the power of enchantment. So we don't need to go to special place to see the beautiful of the river. Guilin’s people were very happy living in this city. They can walk, They stood at the edge of the Lijiang River or a leisurely walk or sit down to chat while drunk a cup of tea, and some of them were busy fishing in the river, all seemed so peaceful and happy. The happiness can't replaced by the money, like they said.

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Dresden City

Elbe is a large river that passes through Dresden city. This river was divided into three section, the first is the east of Ore Mountains which will continue to the south. The second section to the Lusatian steep valley which will continue to the south. And third part is to the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. Back to Dresden city, this city is located 200 km from Berlin, Germany. As the fourth major city in Germany, after Berlin, Hamburg and Köln. We can also visited many historical buildings. Such as: Frauenkirche church, right behind the church there are souvenir market and an attractive cafe. One of the mascot of Dresden city is SEMPEROPER HAUSE. In the front yard stands the statue of the emperor with a horse mount.

At the age of entering the eighth century, Dresden became one of the largest tourist destinations in the world. Dresden is one of the complete cities which offer the historical side and the modern. With rows of romantic cafes that offer views of the Elbe river. What's a beautiful city beside the rivers.

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Luxembourg Ville, the city in a fairy tale

Luxembourg is the capital of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, a small country with an area of 2586 square km in the northwest of Europe, surrounded by Belgium in the west and north, in eastern Germany and France in the south. With the large population comes from German or French, with Luxembourgisch as national language (German language). Looking at the natural panorama of the old city of Luxembourg was very attractive entrancing made as though it were in fairyland. Good to remember back in the drawings illustrate the children's story. The pointed of church steeple with a towering statue of a rooster at the top. Building forts remained relics of the past. Beautiful houses brightly colored, usually in yellow or orange, bringing the country to fly to the Grimm brothers. We can see the natural beauty of Alzette’s river.

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Venice, Italy

This city is the top of the beautiful city beside the rivers. Venice is the (only) city in the world built entirely on water. Venice split and separated by a river called the Canale Grande, or Grand Canal. This is what makes Venice unique, in addition to a million historical values stored by this city. This rivers like a street for Venice people. "The great street of Venice" has a length of about 3.5 km and is surrounded by old buildings and palaces from the 13th century until the 18th, with a combined style of Byzantine, Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. The main transportation in Venice is a boat. Everyone using the boat, speed boat, gondola, or use the vaporetto (water bus). Gondola became known since the 16th century. At that time the gondola is the main transportation in the city of Venice. No wonder as the beach city, Venice filled with canals.

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