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The best farm parks around Peterborough, in the UK- HubTrail

Updated on July 18, 2011

Farm Parks around Peterborough

Although Peterborough gives a great deal to the tourist, there are only two farm parks situated on the outskirts of this fine city.  Sacrewell Farm and Country Centre and Pigeon Farm are situated off the A47, one each side of Peterborough.  They both offer different experiences for the young and older families so if you are thinking of visiting the area for a holiday or just looking for a day trip out, I am sure one of these superb farms will be to your taste. 

A little about Sacrewell Farm and Country Centre

Ownership of Sacrewell Farm and Country Centre went to William Scott Abbot in 1917.  Sadly he passed away in 1959, but not before helping to arrange that the farm would carry on prospering and to become a charitable trust so that others could benefit from the farm.  As a result in 1964 the William Scott Abbot trust was formed in order that not only did the farm continue to work but also so that the general public could benefit from the educational facilities offered.  In 2007 Riverford moved onto the farm so as to start the process of farming organic produce for there box scheme.

These days as you turn off the A47 onto the long drive leading to the farm and country centre you can see some of the animals in the paddocks and the organic crops in the fields awaiting harvest.  You will cross over a little stream which meanders along from the mill pond and the working mill.  When you arrive in the car park you are greeted by the friendly looking farm buildings and camping fields.  

Locations of Farm Parks around Peterborough

show route and directions
A markerSacrewell Farm and Country Centre -
Thornhaugh, Peterborough PE8, UK
get directions

B markerPigeons Farm Park -
Wisbech Rd, Thorney, Peterborough, UK
get directions

Admission to the park

Car parking is free (which is always a bonus these days) and there is ample of it. The admission charges are reasonable and are detailed below;

High Season Admission Prices
13th February – 31st October Open 9.30am* – 5pm *(Open at 10am on Wednesdays)

				Gift Aid	Non Gift Aid	Group Visit (10+)
Adult (aged 17-59)		£6.50		£5.90		£5.80
Senior (aged 60+)		£5.50		£5.00		£4.90
Child (aged 3-16)		£4.85		£4.40				£4.30
Family Ticket
(4 people, one of
whom must be a child)		£19.95 		£18.10
			Low Season Admission Prices 
		1st November – 12th February Open 10am – 4pm
			Gift Aid	Non Gift Aid	Group Visit (10+)
Adult (aged 17 - 59)	£5.50		£4.90		£4.80
Senior (aged 60+)	£4.50		£4.00		£3.90
Child (aged 3-16)	£3.85		£3.40		£3.30
Family Ticket
4 people, one of 
whom must be a child)	£16.95		£15.25

map of Sacrewell Farm and Country Centre

What does Sacrewell offer

Sacrewell Farm and Country Centre has lots to offer the tourist and now that you are in you will have to decide which way you would like to go first. You can find all sorts of things here from ducks and guinea pigs to the magnificent Shire Horses who live down at the Shire Horse Centre, that is near to the Mill pond and has a lovely picnic area close by (there may even be a few ducks if your lucky). It is probably best to start off by having a good look at the map and then gradually make you way around the farm using this.

As you first set out from the main entrance and The Stables restaurant you will see the discovery centre to your left. Here you can get up close to the smaller animals at the farm, with ducks, rabbits and guinea pigs all running around in the pens. There are also chickens which just love being fed (you can buy the relevant animal feeds from the shop in the main entrance). You even like to have a go at milking the dummy cow.

Horses at Sacrewell Farm Park

Guinea Pigs at Sacrewell

To the left of the main entrance you will see the sheep and goats happily grazing in their paddocks, or climbing up the fences to see what you have for them! At the right times of year you can see the lambs and even feed them at certain times of the day. The baby goats known as kids will also be on show.

Further down the path you will come across a play area with the usual play equipment and a small maze. After this you start to move into the larger paddock areas where you will see the Shire Horses grazing happily in the fields, although they do tend to come over to see you if you make a little noise to let them know you are there. There are 10 living at Sacrewell now and usually there are one or two in the stables when you get down to the Shire Horse Centre so that you can fully appreciate the magnificent size of these horses.

Tucked up around the back of the Shire Horse Centre are the pigs, usually quite shy and in there shelters, so don't be surprised if you don't see them clearly. The mill pond is a great place to look out for wildlife and you may be able to site some birds from the bird watching hide.

Eventually after looking round all the animals, the mill and the house you can be sure that you will be hungry. If you are prepared and have brought a picnic that is wonderful and there are picnic areas down near the Mill and also outside of the restaurant. If however you prefer to have food served up for you, then try out The Stables restaurant. You will find it very clean with an ample supply of high chairs for the younger ones in your family. The menu is good offering home cooked food, hot and cold meals and of course something for the children, all at reasonable prices.

If the weather turns out to be a little damp while you are here then why not try out the activity barn. Here you will find pedal tractors, soft play area and picnic tables if you need a rest refreshments are also available.

Camping at Sacrewell

If you are thinking of taking a weekend camping trip and would like to combine it with a trip to Sacrewell Farm and Country Centre then why not consider camping here.  The pitches are spacious with views overlooking the countryside.  Site fees include admission to the Farm and there are full toilet and shower facilities available for campers only 150yards away.  Electric hookups are also available if desired.  

Pigeons Farm Park Thorney

Ride on childrens tractors at Pigeons Farm Park
Ride on childrens tractors at Pigeons Farm Park
Pigs at Pigeons Farm Park
Pigs at Pigeons Farm Park
cattle at Pigeons Farm Park
cattle at Pigeons Farm Park

About Pigeons Farm

Although Pigeons Farm has not been open to the public as long as Sacrewell it still has lots to offer a family.  Here children are fully encouraged to get up close to the animals and are encouraged to learn about the breeding and rearing of the animals. 

You can find Pigeon Farm easily by turning of the A47 to go into Thorney.  There is a large car park for ample parking even on a busy day.  The farm hold regular car boots through the summer months and other events such as Horsey table top sales where you can buy a pitch to sell any of your unwanted horse items, or if you have nothing to sell, but require a new pair of jodphurs then why not take a look and see if you can get a bargain.  

Admission to Pigeons Farm

Admission is very much the same as Sacrewell and I have listed the prices below.

Adults - £5.50
Children (3-16 years) - £4.50
Under 3 Years - FREE
Family Ticket - £16.00 (2 adults and 2 children)

There are annual memberships available if you would prefer unlimited access to the Farm.

Inside Pigeon Farm

Once you have paid your admission fee you have the dilemma of deciding where to start. As you wonder round this openly spaced farm you will come across a wide variety of animals, including Rabbits,Guinea Fowl, Peacocks, Ornamental Pheasants, Chickens and other small feathered birds. Various breeds of cattle and sheep with lambs at the right time of year. There are cheeky goats and donkeys, mini Shetland Ponies as well as larger horses.

After a while you will have seen the animals, or perhaps the children just need to let off some steam, so why not try out some of the activities available inside the park. For the more energetic types why not try the gobots or the jumping pillow. You will also find pedal tractors, a climbing frame and rockers.

if indoor play is more your thing then why not try the bale climbing and play sand pit. The educational Room or the Mustard Pot playhouse.

There are everyday activities available, more at certain times of the year such as egg collecting, feeding the lambs and petting the young animals so as to get them used to be handled.

After all your hard work and running around you will not doubt be hungry and thirsty, so why not take a look at the tea room which offers hot roasts on a sunday through the winter.  Although hot meals are available all the time along with a good selection of cold meals.

If you have brought a picnic then this is fine as there are picnic tables dotted around the farm, some of which are undercover near the jumping pillow.

Camping at Pigeon Farm

If you are again looking to take a weekend camping trip then you can always stay at the farm.  There are two types of camping fee, one of which allows you free entrance into the farm the other does not.  The pitches are adequately drained so as not to get muddy and electric hookups are available.  The site is not so well equipped for campers, more aimed at caravanner's as there are only toilet facilities (no shower).  There is a washing up sink and toilet disposal facility.  


All in all both Sacrewell Farm and Country Centre and Pigeons Farm are great places to take the children for a day out or to camp if you are looking for just a weekend away.


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    • nasus loops profile image

      nasus loops 6 years ago from Fenland

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my hub Sandpits Shop.

    • profile image

      Sandpits Shop 6 years ago

      I have been here, they have a lot to offer especially for children. I also believe they have a large sandpit there too.

    • nasus loops profile image

      nasus loops 7 years ago from Fenland

      @ SimoneSmith

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my hub. These places really are fun and I am pleased you found the info helpful and enjoyed the photos.

    • Simone Smith profile image

      Simone Haruko Smith 7 years ago from San Francisco

      What fun these places look! Your inclusion of ticket info is quite helpful, and the photos are great!