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Tigre: A Gem in Greater Buenos Aires

Updated on January 28, 2014

Río Lujan in Tigre

One of the most magical places in the province of Buenos Aires is Tigre. It is a town situated in the north of Greater Buenos Aires, 17 miles north of the capital. The town was given its name to the tigers and jaguars that were hunted in the area in the early years until they became extinct. Tigre lies on the Paraná Delta and attracts many tourists as well as Argentineans all year long. Tigre can be reached by the Tren de la Costa which takes you along the Rio de la Plata from the Delta station in Tigre to the Mitre line at Maipú-Bartolomé Mitre where you can take another train to get to the capital.

Via Toscana


Main attractions

You will want to visit the Puerto de Frutos which is a crafts and arts fair located in the old fruit market by the riverside. From here you can watch the boats pass by on the Río Lujan, enjoy a nice meal at the waterside and purchase leather products, cheap clothing, ceramics, decorative items and much more. It is definitely an exciting and interesting place to discover. Other attractions include the Naval Museum, antique shops, riverside restaurants, pubs, a casino and the amusement park Parque de la Costa. Close to the Naval Museum there is a famous ice cream parlor right next to the riverside that sells the town’s best ice cream. It is called Via Toscana and offers a great variety of flavors that you can enjoy on their shady patio.

Catamaran for Passengers

Take a Virtual Boat Trip on the Río Luján

Boat Trips and Sports

Many tourists are fascinated by the boat trips on the Rio de la Plata in Tigre. Trips usually last one hour and enable you to see the activities of the Delta on a catamaran or smaller launch. You can find the ticket kiosks at the riverbanks of Paseo Victoria and Bartolomé Mitre. Ferry trips last longer and will allow you to see more of the Delta. The companies that operate passenger services are Intersleña (4749 0900), Jilguero (4749 0900) and Lineas Delta (4731 1236) all of which are located at the Boat Terminal.


You can enjoy kayaking, rowing and wakeboarding on the Delta which is offered by many operators including:

Puro Remo, Lavalle 234 (15 5808 2237) Website:

Rowing Trips (15 5707 6957)

Kayak Tours (4728 2865)

Wake School Gabriela Díaz (4728 0031) Website:

Cabin in Tigre

Cabins at Río Capitán

One of the gems of Tigre is the cabins located in the Delta, far from the major tourist attractions. I was able to appreciate the Cabañas Basilea at Río Capitán n° 588. You can get there by ferry provided by the company Interisleña (4749-0900) or by water taxi which has to be scheduled individually. From the station Estación Fluvial it takes approximately one hour to get to the cabins.

The cabins provide great comfort and are the perfect location for those of you who like to relax, dream, walk, write, paint, take pictures and enjoy the beauty of the picturesque river Delta. Contrary to the River Lujan where hundreds of ships navigate every day and where the toxins make swimming impossible, you can bathe in the Río Capitán or simply enjoy the view from the sandy beach.

During the season from May to August 2012 the prices for the cabins are as low as USD 167 (ARG 750) for 2 people from Monday through Friday and USD 212 (ARG 950) on the weekends. For every additional person you pay approx. USD 22 extra during the week and approx. USD 44 extra on weekends. The prices are subject to inflation and need to be consulted on the company’s website if you are planning to go after the 2012 season.

Tigre Delta, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Services Offered at the Cabins

The cabins can be booked for 2-6 people. They offer

  • air conditioning
  • color TV
  • bed sheets
  • comfortable mattresses and sommier beds
  • warm water
  • stoves, microwaves and refrigerators with freezers
  • a cozy balcony with a beautiful view of the Río Capitán
  • a grill where you can can barbecue the delicious Argentinean meat
  • medical assistance
  • a beautiful park of 4000m² with typical Delta flowers and trees and well cared for lawns
  • access to the river through the sand beach
  • two excellent restaurants where you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner. They also offer a delivery service to the cabins
  • boat tours on the rivers and streams of the Delta
  • a terminal where you can fish
  • Paraguayan hangmat
  • optionally a maid

Cabin at the Beach


Tourist Office

If you have any particular questions regarding your Tigre visit or you are in need of maps, boat schedules, accommodation recommendations and sports operators, don’t hesitate to contact the Tourist Office located on Av. Mitre 305. It opens daily from 8am to 6pm. (4512 4497) Website:


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    • profile image

      javier 3 years ago

      hello, a correction, the "province of Greater Buenos Aires" not exist

      the Greater Buenos Aires is the name of the metropolitan area of Buenos Aires, and belongs to the province of Buenos Aires

      Argentina is divided into 23 provinces (like United States in 50 states) and the federal district, the city of Buenos Aires (who is an autonomus city and don't belong to any province).

      so, there is a city named Buenos Aires (the capital of Argentina), and a province named Buenos Aires (where is the metropolitan area of the city of Buenos Aires)

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      JR Krishna 5 years ago from India

      Hi Jennifer

      Thanks for the compliment

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      Jennifer Madison 5 years ago from Lohmar

      Thanks so much thumbi7! I am glad you liked the article. But you are definitely a source of inspiration for me, your articles are just in the top quality segment!

    • thumbi7 profile image

      JR Krishna 5 years ago from India

      Wow! beautiful photographs!

      You writing will make anyone who reads this feel like visiting the place!!