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Travel to Paris Without Ever Leaving Home!

Updated on November 30, 2013

Romance in Paris, France... I Want That!

Travel To Paris, France... Online

That's it! I am tired of waiting to see Paris... I could just kick myself now... because when I was in London, not even two years ago -- I contemplated just taking the train on over myself and seeing the sights, lights and romance - that I had longed dreamed of seeing!

But... I decided to just wait. I talked myself out of it. I went 'practical'. I lost my spontaneity! I figured there was enough to see while in London... and there was. Lots of dust! LOL

I liked the castles. I loved the countryside. I did not like that everything was dark. I had great weather... it was May. I loved the museums. Could have cared less about the jewels and the armor...

Paris, France - Travel the City of Lights!

Regret.... I Should Have Taken That Train to Paris!

I wanted to see the Eiffel Tower. I wanted to see the city lights of Paris for myself. I wanted, really bad - to eat a chocolate eclair.... at a quaint sidewalk cafe, alone.

I would have been spotted as an American immediately though... because I would not have eaten like a woman from Paris... I would have reveled in eating, two chocolate eclairs, but have really wanted like -- three!

I wanted to SHOP! I wanted to speak french. I wanted to eat french cuisine. I wanted to take my camera and shoot my way through Paris... I wanted to get lost in the Louvre.

I wanted to experience the Davinci Code - Paris style!

I wanted to buy french perfume. I wanted to buy a t-shirt, at least... IN Paris!

Reality... I also knew that IF I took that fast train over to Paris and had such a small amount of time to do Paris - that I would end up leaving Paris - feeling totally cheated - on!

Or even worse, as far as my family is concerned... I may not have made it back to the States -- in order to not be cheated!

Yeah, "practical" was most likely the best decision at the time.

The sensible side of me, decided - that I really deserved to experience Paris, exactly how I had dreamed -- and not by way of a quicke trip!

All Aboard... Taking Eurostar High-speed Train to Paris After All!

Travel to Paris with Me... Online, Virtually! and This Time -- I Intend to Do Paris Right!

Now, this is totally SPONTANEOUS! We are going to Paris, France NOW. And, we will not even need to leave the comfort of our own home... unless - you decide to take our 'virtual' online trip for REAL! ( and all the tips, advice, information - will be great advice for "real world" travel as well)

But regardless of the sphere in which YOU decided to take "our" trip... I am finally going to Paris, France - and I expect to have the vacation of a lifetime - NOW.

Arriving In Paris... What to DO and See ! I Can't Wait...

Look... do you see what I see?
Look... do you see what I see?
It is a darn good thing! They even have the REAL thing, but PINK --- HOT!
It is a darn good thing! They even have the REAL thing, but PINK --- HOT!
Now, that looks really tall --- breath, because we are going to go all the way up when we get there!
Now, that looks really tall --- breath, because we are going to go all the way up when we get there!

Online Travel In A Virtual World... Can Be Rewarding For Education and Exploration!

I just published a Hub on online education... and isn't that what travel is all about? It is a travel of the mind, so to speak. I have decided to apply that technology... to seeing the world!

And WE, meaning those of you who would like to come along, "virtually", with me... are invited to come! This will be -

  • FUN

Make sure and BOOKMARK this page, and follow along as - WE travel to Paris, France --- without ever needing to leave home!

No Passports Are Required!

ALL ABOARD? Today, we are going to take that darn Eurostar High-Speed Train.... Let's GO!

I can't wait until we get there..... how long? According to our video, a little over 8 minutes! So, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride - anticipating our arrival very soon.

And everything that I ever dreamed or, or imagined I would do when I got to Paris -- I am "really" going to DO!




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