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What Is MADE IN CHINA? This Is Really Big Business... And You Thought It Was Just About A lot Of Cheap Toys!

Updated on February 12, 2014



Although it may seem as though just about everything we purchase today is made in China - it's not.

But - although that may be true - the facts are - that a lot is made in China. China continues to remain the third largest manufacturer in the world today of consumer goods.

What you might be surprised to know - is that in 2006 - the United States was China's second largest trading partner with US$211.6 billion in bilateral trade, followed by Japan with US$184.4 billion.

Now - that is incredible - with expected yearly increase!

Looking back thirty years ago - the nation of China was for the most part - closed for trading purposes. China's mainland recorded US$1.4 trillion in foreign trade volume last year, helping China to remain the third largest trader in the world.

The People's Republic of China - as a whole - is what we are referring to - when we speak of products which have the 'MADE IN CHINA' trademark attached or embedded in them.

Although other areas of China are known specifically for what they also manufacture within China.



The 'MADE IN CHINA' trademark is something that we are so used to seeing on our products here in the United States - that it is almost un-American to see anything different! Relatively few of the non-perishable products that we consume here in the United States - are actually made in America and display the "Made In America" label.

No - we are much more likely to find that the items that we just recently purchased at the mall - come from outside of the United States -- and even a higher probability that it has actually been manufactured In China - then bearing the People's Republic of China trademark - MADE IN CHINA.



  1. Disney Products - Most everything that bears the Disney trademark also has stamped somewhere on it - 'Made In China'. These items are marketed throughout the United States - from baby items to toys and clothing . Wal-Mart, which markets itself as an All-American company - is found to carry a large supply of these Disney - MADE IN CHINA items. And sales are huge!
  2. Consumer Electronics - Computers, cameras, video equipment, cellphones... you name it! Most are imported from outside of the United States - and a wide variety of these products come from none other than CHINA - where they are manufactured. The actual list of companies manufacturing their products in China - is literally astounding!
  3. Toys - a women recently made the observation that - of the seventeen toys that she had just purchased for her children - fourteen of them were proudly bearing the 'MADE IN CHINA' taggage on them. These toys she mentions - are the most popular items that people are buying currently.
  4. Shoes - yes... check the tags of many of the styles that we consider to be the most trendy and stylish to step out in - and you will often see - once again - MADE IN CHINA. Mind you - these often have as their 'Brand' - some of the biggest designers in the industry.
  5. Housewares - They are everywhere from exqusite china - to ordinary dishes - MADE IN CHINA... When walking into your local Target - we are bombarded with that which will bring style into our everyday lives. With offerings for classic everyday dishes, small appliances and everything we can imagine to dress up our lives - much of this - MADE IN CHINA.
  6. Cosmetics - yes... again - major manufacturing for some of the biggest companies that you adore - for their names... actually import what they are selling to you from none other than China.

This Shot In China - By A Favorite Photographer I Enjoy Using...


Yes... I could go on and on and on - telling you about everything that you are buying in the United States - that is MADE IN CHINA - that allows those of us living and claiming citizenship in the United States the luxury of the great lives that we are living in our "American Dream".

But, I am not going to do that. The next time that you make a visit to your local "dollar store" - "dollar tree" - "Big Lots" - "All-a-dollar" Stores, etc... at least for me - it is always for me - a very humbling experience and profound way - to bring me down to reality.

God bless - The People's Rebublic of China!



Many question quality...
Many question quality...

What are your thoughts on 'MADE IN CHINA'?

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