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UK based Hubbers

Updated on September 4, 2009


Carter's_Lady made a request to see if there were any other UK based Hubbers. I have encountered a few on my travels and so will make a list of them here, along with links to one or two hubs which are about an aspect of the UK. If you are a UK based Hubber or know one, get in touch with me and I will add you to the list. Similarly, if you have added me and want to be removed tell me I and I will remove you.

For those of you who don't know UK is short for the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom is made up of four main countries. England, Scotland and Wales occupy the island of Britain and the fourth country is northern Ireland which is situated in the north of the island of Ireland (as the name somewhat suggests!).


Carter's Lady

Obviously the first person to be mentioned here is Carter's_Lady. Her profile on Hubpages is very minimal, but it is possible for me to learn that she comes from the East Midlands, which is towards the centre of England on the above map.

Hubpages signup.
Hubpages signup.

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JimmytheJock comes from Scotland, as the name suggests (for those of you who don't know Jock is a colloquial name for Scottish). He is happily married with three children, and has to date published over 700 hubs. Unsurprisingly I have not read them all, but those I have read are of a very good quality.


Compu-smart has written so made hubs that he is in the hall of fame. He comes from London which is the capital of both England and the UK. Having written so many hubs there are lots which are relevent to the UK, and so only three have been selected below.

Julie-Ann Amos

Julie-Ann Amos is a professional writer by profession and so as you would expect her hubs are of a very good quality. She has so far published well in excess of 100 hubs, of which links to a couple of ones with relevance to the UK are shown below.


The jim.sheng hubber is actually two people. currently living in Derby, England they have Chinese heritage and so some of their pages are linked to this. However they also post hubs on a wide variety of topics, from the internet through to food and of course the UK.


LondonGirl has published a number of hubs to date, the ones of which I have read are good quality. As the name would suggest she comes from London, and has a family.

Amanda Severn

The mother of two children Amanda Severn has two part time jobs - in an estate agency and as a hypnotherapist. She is a Hubpages Expert with a very good Hubscore of 96 (at the time of this being written!).

CJ Stone

CJ Stone is a widely respected writer who comes from Whitstable, which is the nearest county to France in the far south-east county of England. He has been a writer on Hubpages for quite some time now, and although so far I have only read a couple of his articles I am looking forward to reading some more. CJ is a professional writer, and has written for many well respected publications.

Bard of Ely

The Bard of Ely has been writing on Hubpages for almost a year, and in that time he has written in excess of 100 hubs. Whilst he is no longer a UK based hubber as he now lives in Tenerife he originally came from Cardiff which is the capital of Wales. Like CJ Stone, the Bard of Ely is a professional writer, but he is also a recording artist.


Paraglider is another well respected writer originally from the UK. At the time of writing he had the maximum hubscore of 100 despiet having written under 100 hubs. He originally came from Scotland but has worked worldwide, and presently live in Qatar.  As would be expected from such an international person, his hubs cover a wide range of subjects.

Brian S

Brian S originally came from the UK but now lives in France.  Most of his pages are based on France, and there is not a single one which relates to the UK (hence the lack of links below).  However have still mentioned him here nonetheless.

Rik Ravado

Rik Ravado has been publishing hubs on hubpages for over a year now and has a hubscore of well over 90, which puts him in the expert category. He lives in England, but within sight of the English Channel which means he must live very close to the south coast.

The Indexer

The Indexer is another person from the UK who posts on Hubpages.  In just over a year he has published in excess of 100 hubs.  The Indexer is a proof reader and editor which as you would expect leads to good quality hubs.  Of particular interest, although not Britain related, are his hubs on Zimbabwe. 


Sufidreamer is another Brit who now lives abroad. In his case he has moved from the UK to Greece, where he now works as a freelance writer. As a result many of his hubs are based on the area he lives, the history of the place and olive oil. However, this means there is only one UK specific hub which can be listed below.


2Patricias are so called because they are two friends who both happen to be called Patricia.  They have both been married for a long time, and each have a son and a daughter.  One is a Pilate's instructor after previously being a teacher, and the other is a housewife and author.  They have their own website/blog which they update daily, and this can be accessed via their profile.

Teresa McGurk

Teresa McGurk is originally from Belfast, which is the capital city of Northern Ireland.  Now she lives in the USA but has written hubs on hew native island.


ThePioneer21 comes from Liverpool, and has just finished a degree at university.  For those hubbers who don't know where Liverpool is, it is on the coast of England, quite close to the border with north Wales.

Mark Knowles

Mark Knowles is a famous blogger and writer on hubpages.  He originally lived in England, but now lives in the south of France where he makes a living from online writing. 

Andrew Hawkley

Andrew Hawkley is like myself, from Bristol.  He takes a keen interest in both music and philosophy, and so several of his hubs are based on these themes.

Britney Davidson

Britney Davidson is a hubber from the UK.  The majority of her hubs are on technology, in particular phones.  As such there are no UK specific hubs which can be mentioned below. 


Waynet comes from Hull, which is about three quarters of the way up the east coast of England.  In the two years he has been a member of Hubpages he has written over 150 hubs, on a wide variety of subjects, although his self confessed passions are writing and drawing.


Redhair is a user of Hubpages from Edinburgh, which is the capital city of Scotland.  She has her own webpage on learning Spanish, partly due to her learning Spanish along with her child.  At the time of writing her only hub is about learning Spanish, and so there are no links below.


Cosmicjellybaby is from Shropshire in England. He says he likes the 1980s, and sure enough his hubs are solidly 80s based. At the moment there aren't many, hence only one link below, but hopefully the amount will increase with time.


Caspar has been on hubpages for over a year, and in that time has written 20 hubs although judging by the hubs I have read it is quality and not quantity.  She specialises in family learning (it is both her primary job as well as the subject of one of her websites.  Unfortunately at present there are no hubs specifically for the UK to link to below.


Spacenut is a hubber based in the north-east of England.  He was previously a driving instructor, but he now specialises in developing websites of which he has a few to give him an online income, and as such his hubs so far are based on how to get an online income.  This is the reason for at the present time there being no links to any of his hubs below.


Mistyhorizon2003 is a hubpages writer from Guernsey.  Guernsey is not part of any of the four main countries of the United Kingdom and is instead part of the Channel Islands.  However, the Channel Islands are protected by the UK government and are Crown Dependencies.  She owns a coarse fishery, and has several other interests including gardening and sci-fi. 


Asalvani, or Anthony, is a person from the capital city of the UK, London.  They are a writer and photographer who enjoys travelling.  At the time of writing this they had very few hubs, but I expect to see many very interesting hubs along with pictures on places they have been. 


WhoArtNow (aka Andre De Nito) sells canvas art.  He comes from Leicester which is a city roughly in the centre of England.  He likes cars and design, and so many of his husb are based on this, including his various car lists. 


Hawkesdream is a hubber who has joined Hubpages recently and comes from Cornwall, which is the most south-westerly county in England.  She is a mother of three, and now a grandmother.  Many of her hubs are based on family life.  At the present time she has not written any hubs which specifically relate to England, but when she has they will be added below.


Iphigenia is a Brit who is now living it up in France, which is a country with a large expat Brit community.  She has written many hubs on hubpages, and also has her own blogs.  


ArtsApart is a metal artist now based in north Devon.  Approximately 40, he grew up in Kinston upon Thames, and has been welding for the last 20 years.  He has, at the time of writing, only produced 4 hubs, but hopefully more will come soon.  


MrVoodoo is a very secretative individual.  In fact, he (or maybe it is even a she) hides behind a cloak of secrecy and so very little is known about this individual.


Surfgatinho is based in Cornwall, England. Sadly he has only written two hubs so far both but hopefully he will write more.


Monbun has been writing hubs for over a year.  From her profile she says she lives in England's capital London, and that she is soon to be married so good luck!


Earner comes from Dorset which is on the south coast of England, roughly due west of the Isle of Wight (the island just off the south coast on the map). She has posted 34 hubs to date, 4 of which are based on Cornwall.


I obviously have included myself (Bristolboy) as I know I come from the UK.  I grew up in Bristol, but now live in Cornwall, which for non-English Hubbers is probably the English equivalent of Florida, just with more rain and less sun!


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