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Visiting Macau: Heritage, Casinos & Pastries (Part 2)

Updated on July 13, 2013

Exploring another side of Macau

After exploring the main Macau island for one day, we then moved on to the Taipa island. It is a short bus ride away only. As you cross over the bridge towards Taipa, you will once again pass by the Macau Tower.

As we stayed near the Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal, we took the Venetian free shuttle bus to Taipa. Besides the Venetian shuttle bus, you can also choose to take the public buses or shuttle buses by other hotels like Galaxy and City of Dreams.

The Venetian Macau Hotel & Casino

The Venetian Macau

Soon, we alighted from the bus and stepped into the Venetian Macau. The place is huge and the indoor shopping areas are beautifully designed too. Inside, you will notice that the ceiling is painted to look like the sky.

You can also choose to take a gondola ride at selected areas inside the Venetian. However, note that the rides are not exactly cheap. Another unique shop would be the Manchester United Experience. Get your jerseys here or pay for a chance to feel like you are a top footballer at Old Trafford.

We decided not to go on the gondola ride and just walked about. As were exploring the place, we came across a live opera performance along the walkway. I have never attended any opera show before but I felt their voices were pretty good. And it's free!

Before leaving the Venetian, we stopped by Lord Stow's to try the famous Portuguese egg tarts! It was really that good!!!

Entrance to Taipa Village

Taipa Village

To get to the Taipa Village, we walked from the Venetian Macau for about 15 minutes. You will notice that the Galaxy Macau is just situated right opposite the entrance to Taipa Village but I will talk more about the Galaxy later!

In Taipa Village there are lots of local food and dessert to try. We tried the durian pudding at the Gelatina Mok Yi Kei shop. Along the way, there are shops that sell Macau pastries too, just like at Senado Square. Do buy the pastries here or at Senado rather than the branches inside hotels. Those charge slightly higher prices for the exact same thing. We also explored the museums here like the Taipa Houses Museum.

As we were getting hungry, we stepped into Seng Cheong for crab congee. It was a truly filling and delicious meal! Too bad that we were stuffed, or we would have tried the bird's nest egg tart which is just nearby.

Inside Galaxy Macau Hotel

Last Stop in Macau: The Galaxy Macau

After lunch at Taipa Village, it was soon time to leave as we had to head back to the main island before heading to the ferry terminal. Hence, we decided to make Galaxy Macau our last stop as it was just across the road.

Upon entering, you will be amazed by its design. It was like a grand palace.They also have female customer service officers dressed elegantly in beautiful cheongsams.

Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal

Saying Goodbye to Macau for now...

Time really flew when we were in Macau. I was glad that I had decided to make it an overnight trip instead of a one day trip from Macau. It was less rushed and it gave us the opportunity to try more delicious Macau food too!

All in all, although Macau is definitely most famous for its casinos, I would still say that non-gamblers would find the place interesting too! There are many heritage sites around, many museums (which I unfortunately did not get to visit much), lots of great food around and many events throughout the year......Someday I will be back..Maybe another Hong Kong & Macau trip?

Macau Map of Places I Have Visited

show route and directions
A markerTaipa -
Taipa, Macau
get directions

Known as Tam Zai by locals.

B markerCotai Strip -
The Cotai Strip, Co-Tai, Macau
get directions

The place where Venetian Macau, City of Dreams and Galaxy Macau are located.

C markerOuter Harbour Ferry Terminal, Macau -
Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal (XZM), Se, Macau
get directions


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    • lilian_sg profile image

      lilian_sg 3 years ago from Singapore

      Yes, indeed two days were not enough to fully explore Macau. I missed out on most museums and also did not have a chance to visit the original Lord Stow's!

    • Tolovaj profile image

      Tolovaj 3 years ago

      Thanks for the second part of your visit, it looks a trip to Macau is not meant for one day only. And I love a chance to find unexpected gems, like you did with opera show. Sometimes best things are really free.