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What You Should Look For When Traveling in Mexico

Updated on March 12, 2011

Mexico contains a diverse array of cultures and interests. Those who go to Mexico will see lots of rich cultures and good entertainment. They have opera houses and museums, as well as great beach resorts. It's a paradise when you see in the right way.

One great place for visitors in Mexico is Mazatlan, which is where they hold the international fishing tournament and pre-Lenten carnivals. You can find hunting and fishing galore in Mexico. There's an observatory in Mazatlan where you will see the absolute tallest lighthouses in this world. Of course many beach goers are drawn to Cancun, mainly during Spring Break, but it's good year round. And also there's Puerto Vallarta and Los Cabos.

One of the big draws of Mexico are the resorts just outside its capital city. Right up on top of the 'must-see' list, is Acapulco. This is known as their 'Riviera' in Mexico. It's because of their beach resorts, beautiful hotels, and casinos. Acapulco is a great tourist destination where you can enjoy deep sea fishing and various other watersports.

There are monuments galore in Paseo de la Reforma. This is a boulevard line by trees that is home to Mexico's landmarks. Visitors will love the monuments like the 'Angel of Independence' which is a symbol of their national identity. They'll also love the Cuauhtemoc Memorial along with the Diana Cazadora, which is a statue displaying Diana the Huntress.

History buffs will love Mexico's religious city named the 'Teotihuacan'. It's the capital city of all pre-Aztec civilization. Here visitors find the infamous Pyramid of the Sun, and Pyramid of the Moon, which face each other, giving you an excellent view of all the surrounding region when you go to the top.

Going to Mexico isn't complete unless you visit their Basilica de Guadalupe. This marks the appearance of the blessed Virgin Mother back in 1531. The Metropolitan Cathedral proves to be yet another destination spot that is a must-see for visitors. It features a baroque and neo-classical make-up. It's an excellent example of old architectural art-forms.

When you travel to Mexico, you open up doors to the world of drama and arts. It features so many museums that it has become the world's most important museum destination. Chapultepec Park is home to several of these very much celebrated museums. The main one is their National Museum of Anthropology. You can also find the Technology Museum, Museum of Modern Art, the National Museum of History,  and a fine collection of Mexican paintings, including such masters as Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco, and David Alfaro Siqueros.

Another great masterpiece in Mexico is Chapultepec Castle. It once served as a residence for the president. It features murals painted by Juan O'Gorman, and memorials to many infant heroes.  The official residence of the president of Mexico, Los Pinos, is found on the grounds of this castle.


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