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Where to Find Pet Friendly Rentals in Florida

Updated on February 20, 2011

3 Places to Find Florida Pet Friendly Rentals

For many people, four-legged friends aren't just pets - they're part of the family. So when it's time for a family vacation, they're reluctant to send Fido or Fifi to a kennel while everyone else takes off for fun. Fortunately, more and more places are starting to accept pets, and many vacation rental sites are making it easier to find them. If you're looking for Florida pet-friendly rentals, here are three sites that can help you out.

1. TripAdvisor is a good place to start your search for pet-friendly rentals in Florida because you can narrow your search to include only those listings that accept pets. From the Vacation Rentals page, simply enter the city you want to visit and your travel dates. You'll get a list of all the vacation rentals available. Now you can narrow your search. Look in the left-hand column for the section titled "Refine Search" and scroll down to the heading "Suitability." Check the box for "Pet Friendly" and the page will automatically refresh to show only the listings that allow pets.

2. Another place that will narrow your search results to show only those Florida rentals that are pet friendly is Vacation Home From the homepage, look for the search box in the upper right hand corner and click the Advanced Search link under the box. On the next page, select your travel dates, location, type of accommodations you're seeking and then check the Pets Allowed box in the section titled Features. You'll be able to see a complete list of all pet friendly rentals in Florida (or any other location you choose).

3. When it comes to Florida rentals, pet friendly vacation locations can also be found at This site doesn't have advanced search features that allow you to only view pet-friendly rentals in Florida, but once you narrow your search to a specific city, you can easily see which rentals are pet-friendly by looking for the blue pawprint next to the listing.

More Ideas for Finding Pet Friendly Rentals in Florida?

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