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You deserve your own Private Island! Here’s why

Updated on November 18, 2014

Private islands exude an air of unending relaxation and bliss. Just the thought of it alone brings to mind towering coconut trees, warm sunshine, glistening turquoise waters and you relaxing in a hammock with a refreshing tropical drink in hand enjoying the remarkable view.

However many people believe they need to work a lifetime and be retiring to retreat to their personal haven, but Belize private islands provide endless opportunities for beachfront and island living that is very affordable without compromising luxury. Belize is located right on the edge of the Caribbean Sea with an abundance of scenic, private islands for sale.

If you’re not convinced yet of why Belize private islands are ideal for you, here are 5 top reasons they would make an excellent getaway!

Manatee Caye - Belize private island for sale $495k.
Manatee Caye - Belize private island for sale $495k. | Source

1. Ideal location

Belize is a Central American country making it easily accessible via commercial flights. Belize is about a 2-hour flight from US airports in Miami and Houston with longer direct flights from other states and surrounding countries. So if you don’t live here, getting to your Belize private island won’t be a burden but a comfortable plan ride away.

2. Fun aquatic attractions

Belize is well known for its amazing natural attractions, many of which are found in the sea off its coastline. The Belize Barrier Reef is the longest living reef in the western hemisphere and gives snorkelers and divers and unbelievable experience with over 400 species of fish and living coral that vibrantly decorate the depths of the Caribbean sea. Another eye-catching dive spot is the Great Blue Hole which is internationally known as a huge submarine sink hole. Belize is also a fisher’s paradise, with exceptional fishing, that hosts the best anglers from around the world. Enjoy all this and more just off the shores of your very own private island in Belize.

Diving in Belize

Belize Barrier Reef & Blue Hole

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A markerbelize blue hole -
The Great Blue Hole, Belize
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B markerBelize Barrier reef -
Belize Barrier Reef, Belize
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3. Affordable price

Belize private islands are very affordable without compromising seclusion or space. An undeveloped private island of almost 5 acres can cost less than $500k. Beachfront properties with spacious, modern homes can run as low as $400k. Get the luxury, privacy and relaxation you deserve right on budget when you own a Belize private island.

4. Revenue Generating

Belize private islands and beachfront properties are always in high demand. So if you only want a vacation home, renting out the property for the months you won’t use it will be very easy to do. Island rentals can bring in revenues of minimum $700 per person per night depending on the size of the property and amenities available.

Beachfront Lot in Commerce Bight for sale - $79k.
Beachfront Lot in Commerce Bight for sale - $79k. | Source

5. Secure investment

Investing in a private island in Belize can be a very profitable endeavor as it provides investors with a relief of income taxes, it is within close proximity to the US and the Belizean government is a very stable, democratic one which ensures your land’s value will hold strong.

If you’re ready to invest in a Belize private island or beachfront property in Belize, you can get more information and view property listings from these reputable real estate agents:

If you need more advice before making your investment, you can always get the sound legal advice of Belize real estate lawyers or discuss the matter with an offshore institution.

Offshore Financial Services in Belize

IBC Formation
Checking Accounts
Credit Cards
Trust Formation
Multi Currency Accounts
Offshore Foundation Formation
Certificate of Deposits
Personal/Business Loans
The investing services are provided by Belize Corporate Services, that also provides Virtual Office Services and other ancillary services. The banking and lending services are provided by Belize Corporate Services offshore banking partner - Belize Ba
Little St. George's Caye - $1.6M
Little St. George's Caye - $1.6M | Source

Invest in Belize, today!

Secure your investments today by purchasing a Belize private island. If you're shopping around for your retirement destination, Belize's QRP (Qualified Retired Person's Incentive Programme) makes it even easier for you to move here by providing a tax exemptions for you to import your belongings with ease. Invest in Belize and discover an unspoiled paradise filled with culture and diversity!


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