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A back up plan in place for all pilots on planes?

I have been watching the news about the many pilots who had some metal disturbances or life disturbances causing them to kill many. Everyone is stating there needs to be more mental tests ect. I see a simpler method and what do you think about it? Give all pilots o key or key code device that will open the cockpit for all pilots on board. Nobody will get "locked out". I am surprised that they don't use this in the first place.

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Best Answer Christin Sander (ChristinS) says

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2 years ago
  • Lady Guinevere profile image

    Debra Allen (Lady Guinevere) 2 years ago

    I did not see this. Yes, he was mentally unstable at the time and they didn't think it was serious. Many seemingly benign murders have happen this way in the past. Ppl like this need to be taken more seriously and that is a first step.