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Costa Rica Monthly Rentals

Updated on March 23, 2011

Costa Rica Rentals

Some may think that the best place to find a rental property in Costa Rica is in the newspaper, craigslist or maybe from a real-estate person in Costa Rica. Well in my experience it just better to hang out and ask around. Yes its just that simple. My first trip to Dominical Costa Rica I stayed at a conventional hotel which was OK. It costs $35.00 US per night. I asked around and found a much better place to stay at for $8.00 per night. The accomodations were great and the price was just right. IN fact the man let me have the whole house for $35.00 for one week. It was 1 block from the surf break and farther away from the bar. My spanish was very limited at the time but I was sure I could find a better place to stay for alot less money than where I was staying.

Certainly you must be careful when asking around for a place to stay. Sometimes I have found places to stay advertised at the small stores they call Pulps. I usually ask the clerk about the person that is tring to share their home or has a small room to rent. Usually in Costa someone knows the person that rents their home. So many Ticos make money on the side renting their extra room. Its seems pretty common.

I find places on the Atlantic side of Costa Rica for around $300.00 a month. For the complete home Yes! You can rent a flat, sort of like a studio apartment for around $100.00 a month. The closer it is to the beach and tourist areas usually the more expensive it is. Most of the places that I have found are close to public transportation.

Many people have asked me if I feel safe in Costa Rica. I feel safer in Costa Rica than I feel in the USA. Certainly some places in Costa Rica are dangerous just like major cities in the US. But over all if you use common sense in Costa Rica learn a little Spanish you will do just fine.

If you are coming to the Atlantic side of Costa Rica we would love for you to visit. Come and see rural Costa Rica. We live up on the side of a Volcano and give private tours of our area. We can also help you find rental properties if you are wanting to spend time away from the tourist areas. Send me an email for rates and availability.

Turrialba Volcano Costa Rica

Just up the road
Just up the road

Costa Rica Surf and Real Estate for Sale


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  • mike6181 profile image

    mike6181 6 years ago

    My wife and I visited last July to Grecia. We found a place for $175 a week and felt it quite a luxurious place. Look forward to returning. Agree that most places in CR are quite safe.

  • profile image

    InvestorDesigns 8 years ago

    Awesome Info!

    Have you been to Dominical?

  • profile image

    ESAHS 9 years ago

    "Wow!" "Cool Breeze now that's hot!" "This hub gives you a visual picture of what peace and quiet really is!"

    "Nice space to lose your personal senses just for a mintue!"