Delta Airlines Shrinking lavatory size,fit in four more seats

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    Stacie Lposted 4 years ago

    Rob Lovitt , NBC News contributor   
    Shrinking lavatory size, Delta fits in four more seats
    Known as a modular lavatory system (MLS), the new facilities are made by Wellington, Fla.-based B/E Aerospace. Neither the company nor Delta responded to inquiries as to how the dimensions would compare to a typical 3 x 3-foot coach lavatory. … -1C9184100
    I haven't found a picture of the new lavs yet so maybe someone will post one soon. I can't imagine it being smaller than it is now. Its impossible to not touch the surfaces when you enter those little germy cubicles

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    freecampingaussieposted 4 years ago

    These reduced-sized bathrooms will be fitted to the airline’s 737-900 aircraft, and will allow Delta to fit four more seats into the planes’ economy-class cabins.

    The airline says that passengers will not notice the difference, as the extra room will be harvested from space behind the sink units, which is currently wasted.

    The wall of the lavatory will also be ‘sculpted’ to let the seats in front of it recline.

    These lesser-proportioned loos will start to appear on the US-based airline’s fleet of 737 aircraft later this year, but only in the economy compartments.

    The move is likely to be the start of a toilet downsizing process, as rival airlines rush to keep up with any competitive advantage taken up by their rivals.

    ‘On airplanes, it is all about how you use the real estate,’ Sebastien Weber, chief executive of Zodiac Aerospace – a Los Angeles-based firm that builds toilets for aircraft – told the Wall Street Journal.

    Of course, while smaller toilets may allow airlines to pile on more passengers, they are unlikely to solve the age-old problem of the long queue for the bathroom that seems to spread out ahead of you at any time on a flight when your need is urgent.

    Perhaps the greatest brains of the airline industry can turn their attention to this ‘little’ matter next.

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