scary, sCary, ScarY

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    gmwilliamsposted 3 years ago
    Name the SCARIEST thing that has happened to you?  What was YOUR scariest encounter?  Last night, I decided to go to TimeScare which is situated in the western part of Times Square, New York City.  Since I LOVE the dark side, I decided to make a visit to the haunted house.   Well, I wanted to add a little SPOOK to my night, well a little SPOOK was an UNDERstatement.  TimeScare was frightening and terrifying beyond compare.   After the first few minutes, I was SCARED out of my wits and decided to EXIT, could not endure anymore.  Well, one of the characters of TimeScare went to hug me and apologized.   I have to earn my Goddess of Darkness badge!   This Dark Goddess will not be daunted.    Detail YOUR scariest, most terrifying experience......if you DARE......