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What is your Favorite State? And Why.

  1. dovechocolatier profile image54
    dovechocolatierposted 8 years ago

    What is your Favorite State? And Why.

    I have a favorite such as Tennessee because of the Trees,Mountains,Rivers and Creeks as well as flat lands hills.As well as Entertainment and other things to do and see.

  2. Jeff Berndt profile image87
    Jeff Berndtposted 8 years ago

    I'd have to say a State of Contentment. It's more relaxing than a State of Euphoria, and more pleasant than a State of Confusion. A State of Unconsciousness is kind of nice, too, but it's hard to enjoy it actively.

  3. profile image47
    GANO EXCELposted 8 years ago

    I would have to say California and it's not just because I live here. I've been to other states but I doesn't compare to Cali. For the simple reason this state has so much to offer. It has mountains, deserts, valleys, beaches and so much more. The perfect whether in some areas for those who don't like it to cold nor to hot. Northern Cali gets most of the rain Southern Cali get the nicer whether. You can snowboard or surfboard we have them both within distances from each other. Or maybe you want to enjoy some nice wine, you can go wine tasting. Have all kinds of entertainment out here. Whether your in the mood for a nightclub, a bar, a movie or even go to a show recording. We have some great sports team for all you sports fans. If your in the mood for a basketball, soccer, hockey, baseball, football game we have it all. So much to do out here for all types of people and ages.

  4. profile image44
    M3LM3N22posted 8 years ago

    i like the state of Tennessee because its beautiful, majestic mountains and its great inventions also because it just seems like a great place to relax i mean like all the great open land and awesome places not to mention the trees and grass i sure would like to go to Tennessee any day!!  :]

  5. GGtimeshares profile image59
    GGtimesharesposted 7 years ago

    For me Minnesota is the best state to live because of nice environment. The waters, together with forests, parks, and wilderness areas are things I liked most in the state.

  6. Scarlett My Dear profile image61
    Scarlett My Dearposted 7 years ago

    Commonwealth State of Kentucky!

    Because it's Home to me!