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What are some of the best places to go for a short vacation? I am thinking 4 or

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    chrisbarry73posted 7 years ago

    What are some of the best places to go for a short vacation?  I am thinking 4 or 5 days Canada or US

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    tinmoelintunposted 7 years ago

    For Canada,
       - Nigara Falls
       - Sleeping Giant Provincial park
       - Hopewell Rocks
       - Jasper National Park
       - The Badlands
       - Confederation Bridge
       - The Cabot trail

    For USA,
        - Times Square, NY
        - Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Boston, MA
        - Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, Lake Buena Vista, FL
        - Disneyland Park, Anaheim, CA
        - Fisherman’s Wharf/Golden Gate National Recreation Area, San Francisco, CA
        - SeaWorld Florida, Orlando, FL
        - San Antonio River Walk, Texas
        - Universal Studios,Hollywood, CA
        - Waikiki Beach, Oahu, Hawaii
        - Grand Canyon, AZ

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    sportyfunsterposted 7 years ago


    Whistler, British Columbia

    Banff and Lake Louise, Alberta

    Jasper National Park, Alberta

    Niagara Falls, Ontario

    Quebec City and Montreal, Quebec

    United States

    Times Square, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, New York City

    Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco

    Sea World and San Diego Zoo, San Diego

    Grand Canyon - Arizona

    Lake Tahoe - Nevada

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    dannywoodpxposted 7 years ago

    Come to Europe for 10 days in Portugal.

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    Patty Inglish, MSposted 7 years ago

    British Columbia, both Mainland and Vancouver Island, is a world of travel and history attractions. Once there, you may be tempted to stay forever! read more

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    ExpandYourMindposted 7 years ago

    Here are a few suggestions for upcoming festivals if you're considering June or July travel.

    http://hubpages.com/hub/Five-Fun-Trips- … e-and-July

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    allisinmygreatposted 7 years ago

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