Do you have any opinion of the Schwinn Legacy Cruiser bike?

  1. rust profile image60
    rustposted 7 years ago

    Do you have any opinion of the Schwinn Legacy Cruiser bike?

    I had one once years ago and loved it but am a little suspicious of the quality of the ones I've seen lately. Any input on Schwinn's products these days would be taken seriously before I spend. Thanks!

  2. Micky Dee profile image79
    Micky Deeposted 7 years ago

    Hi Rust! The older bikes are bullet proof. I'm not sure of what the quality is right now. I've totally ignored the Schwinn line for years. They really went downhill with sales, strategy, product. Now - Wal-Mart owns the Schwinn name I'm sure. If that is your source I will do some close-up research. I really shuddered as the name "Schwinn" went to Wal-Mart. Mongoose was a semi-popular brand decades ago. Wal-Mart bought that "name". Mongoose died.
    It's hard to mess up a "cruiser". Usually that is one gear, coaster brake. Coaster brake is having the braking mechanism in the rear hub and the rider back-pedals to stop (of course).
    The pedals on these type bikes are a weak spot but no big deal since they're cheap. Of course to last you'll have to bump the pedals up a bit if you're riding a lot.
    Wheels can be a stickler "for the long run". They should be standard heavy steel chrome rims and inexpensive hubs, but -there should be a minimum of 36 spokes in the wheels.
    So- if the parts are "standard", the next consideration and main concern is the frame. Is the frame welded at all joints? Everywhere a frame tube is joined with another has to have a good weld.
    You might even find an old model of Schwinn on the net.
    Back during the winter I saw a Raleigh 3-speed for $100. I should have bought it maybe but I don't need more stuff right now. That deal was found in a consignment shop and/or antique. If you keep checking some stores like this you can run into some really sweet deals.
    I saw a Schwinn Exercycle that sold for almost $700 back 10 or 15 years ago. It may have been before that. Schwinn's patent on that machine expired around then. This machine sold for $85 in a neighborhood store that was "goodwill" for that area.
    So- for now I'm just a little out of the loop. There are some great bikes out here that are not Schwinn. The better the guarantee, the better the bike, possibly.
    I have many friends in the bike business and tomorrow I will make some calls. I'll do some up-to-date research for you. Thank you Sir!