my 2010 outlook travel trailer air conditioner drips water through the ceiling

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    dunnstposted 7 years ago

    my 2010 outlook travel trailer air  conditioner drips water through the ceiling vent.  What is...

    the cause and can I repair?

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    Thesourceposted 7 years ago

    The good news is that your air conditioner is working well.

    All air conditioners remove humidity or water content from the air.This water need to be drained out. Apparently their is a drainage problem. The drainage channels may be blocked. Your trailer may be tilted at the wrong angle. Water most of the time will like to flow downwards.
    Check your water channels and see why the water is flowing to places it should not.

    Another situation is that you may have open windows or doors when the air conditioner is on. This is not only wasteful, but can also cause this problem. In this case moisture come through the door or windows and condenses on the cold metal surface such as vents and diffusers. Solution for this cause is simple, just close the windows, doors or any openings.

  3. Randy Godwin profile image92
    Randy Godwinposted 7 years ago

    There are several reasons for an RV rooftop AC to leak water down through the ceiling vent.  If your particular AC model has a drain pipe it may be clogged with dirt or other debris.  Remove the shroud and use a stiff piece of wire to clean out the opening in the drain line.

    If the coils are extremely dirty it may prohibit the water from being dispersed into the air, especially if your AC doesn't have a drain.
    Check out my hubs for instructions on how to clean these coils.  Cleaning these coils will also increase the efficiency and cooling properties of the unit itself. 

    Be sure to remove any dirt or debris which usually collects on the bottom of the unit.  If you do not do this it will eventually reclog the coils or drain line.  Good luck!