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What is a unique scuba diving vacation in the United States?

  1. GinnyLee profile image92
    GinnyLeeposted 6 years ago

    What is a unique scuba diving vacation in the United States?

  2. Shanna11 profile image94
    Shanna11posted 6 years ago

    The Great Lakes! If you are certified for deeper dives, the Great Lakes surrounding Michigan make for fascinating (but a little cold) scuba diving! You can scuba dive old, historical wrecks if you're into that. Plus Michigan is beautiful, but I'm a little biased.

    Warmer areas are always more traveled and not as unique but still beautiful, but include the Florida Keys or even Hawaii-both of which my family has snorkeled and dived at.

  3. hush4444 profile image72
    hush4444posted 6 years ago

    In Hawaii you can dive through lava tubes, swim alongside dolphins, and experience a manta ray ballet at night.  This summer I spent 45 minutes sitting on the ocean floor while 17 manta rays swam around me.  While diving in Hawaii, I've had turtles swim right up and peer into my mask, watched mother dolphins swimming with their newborn calves, and been engulfed by schools of beautiful tropical fish, I guess I'm a little biased - I'd love to read about other unique diving vacations.

  4. travelholidays profile image61
    travelholidaysposted 4 years ago

    United State's best scuba diving destinations are,

    #1. Oahu, Hawaii
    #2. U.S. Virgin Islands
    #3. Barrier islands, North Carolina
    #4. Florida Keys