What are some of your worst travel mishaps?

  1. ladeda profile image60
    ladedaposted 6 years ago

    What are some of your worst travel mishaps?

    I'm currently stuck in Miami with 10 others. We all missed our connecting flight because our seats were given away, even though we made it to the gate before the departure time and the plane was still there...the worst part? The plane stayed at the gate for another hour before departing and the airline gave us no help finding a hotel or another flight. Seriously?!?

  2. tony.abacab profile image78
    tony.abacabposted 6 years ago

    Well in all my travels, fortunately I haven't had many misfortunes. Probably the most notorious one was back in 2001 in Dubai.
    That was weeks after 9/11. Travel and Internet were still far relatives (no online check-in, online information, etc). We arrived at around 6am for a 9am departure back to London after a fewd days holiday in dubai.
    For our bitter annoyance, we discovered that the flight had been cancelled. Basically, because the incoming flight never left London. It was the days of great paranoia following those terrorist attacks in New York and travel had been thrown on its head; flight cancellations, delays, increased security, etc.
    Unfortunately, they were unable to reprotect us on any other flight/carrier.
    Of course, one didn't have the resources or savvy we have nowadays. When we complained that we hadn't been advised, the airlien rep simply told us 'We published it on the Dubai something or the other Times'...as if we would be buying newspapers while on holiday... The next flight was not until 02.30 am next day; lovely 15 hour wait at 40 C! But that was probably the worst mishap i've ever had.

  3. samnashy profile image79
    samnashyposted 6 years ago

    when I was younger my friend and I back packed around India, totally unprepared. We got into all sorts of trouble, but luckily had a brilliant time even though we lost quite a bit of money along the way.
    We booked the cheapest flight and didn't realize we had to confirm 3 days before we departed india to return home. When we got to the airport they took our luggage but not us - unheard of now.  We'd spent all our money being the end of the trip so very naively handed over our passports as in exchange for some awful accommodation until we could get some cash. Never saw the passports again.  Luckily for us we were bailed out my a friend of my father's living there. It was very expensive, but some good lessons learnt and the memories of that trip are second to none.
    Hope you get home soon.


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