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What is the worst emotional pain have you ever experienced? How did you over com

  1. Ranzi profile image82
    Ranziposted 6 years ago

    What is the worst emotional pain have you ever experienced? How did you over come it?

  2. @neesh profile image58
    @neeshposted 6 years ago

    I am currently going through it.I don't know that whether anyone has more trouble than me but still i have never been in such an emotional pain ever before and to recover this i have to get money.That's why i joined here to make money.I don't know when will i fell relaxed and take a deep nap but i want to do that and i will, one day.

  3. Glen619 profile image57
    Glen619posted 6 years ago

    Well when my girl left me for really no reason at all i loved her really very much but she just left. It was and still is one of the most emotional pains i have ever felt

  4. shanaya profile image76
    shanayaposted 6 years ago

    Being childless is my worst emotional experience..
    and its still going on.
    I know how to over come it..I just love my all NIECE & NEPHEWS like my own kids..I always keep my self so busy to loving them & playing with them all the time that i didn't get time to think about my own poblems..

               “When God closes one door, He opens another”

  5. dragonlady1967 profile image85
    dragonlady1967posted 6 years ago

    The day I watched helplessly as my stepson was being wheeled into surgery to have his leg and hip amputated.  There are no words to ever describe this feeling.  I don't think something like this ever leaves your mind (it's been 10 years).  You just find an inner strength to get through it, and you cherish every moment you had.

  6. Felixedet2000 profile image57
    Felixedet2000posted 6 years ago

    mine was when my uncle was very sick and i couldn't help him out financially as at then due to my financial capability. When he was eventually taken to the hospital it was under an emergency scenario, by then it was too late, it became so difficult for me to coordinate myself, because he was both an uncle and a Father at the same time, i only overcame it with time.

  7. duffsmom profile image60
    duffsmomposted 6 years ago

    When I was 14 my worst fear was that I would lose my mom.  MY dad died when i was 8 and I am an only child.  So I was deathly afraid something would happen to my mom.  I worried if she drove anywhere, or was even a minute late coming home from the store.

    Five days after my 15th birthday, she died from cancer, alone in a hospital in Los Angeles.  I was devastated and really felt like I would die from the pain.  I was terrified to be alone in the world.

    The only thing that helped was prayer and the memories of when my dad died.  I knew the pain would ebb and flow being unbearable at times, then lessening for a short time before building again.

    And passing time helped dull the pain.  That was 45 years ago, and it still hurts but there has been a lot of joy in my life since then.  I have a wonderful husband and 2 beautiful healthy children and grandchildren.  So wading through the pain was well worth it.

  8. curiousx profile image61
    curiousxposted 6 years ago

    For me, I am all good and set when I can detect my emotions, i.e. I can say that I am fine when I know that I am hungry/angry/depressed/sad, etc.

    The worst emotional pain is when I can't figure out what emotions are in me or which ones just went by! That is one such state called confusion that drives me mad and is so painful that I cannot stay there and can not come out.

    Others have mentioned times when they have parted with some one or when they were helpless. I have also gone through similar situations(I parted with my girlfriend on a bitter evening) and was painful. However, that made me emotionally strong. But, the above mentioned is the most pain I have ever experienced.

  9. profile image0
    Poetic Foolposted 6 years ago

    I have to echo Glen619, it was when my fiance broke things off.  It was completely unexpected and totally knocked the wind out of me.  I never got an explanation of why so I still haven't gotten closure on that one.

  10. Barry Silver profile image57
    Barry Silverposted 6 years ago

    The death of my father. He died when I was 7. It's tough growing up without a Dad. I didn't overcome it so much as come to terms with the new model. Somethings can't be overcome, but many of those things shouldn't define or worse yet rule a life.

  11. lovelife08 profile image59
    lovelife08posted 6 years ago

    The worst for me is suspicion.  Suspicion makes you ask questions and judge situations before you know the real truth.  It makes you crazy and unable to cope with your own life after a while because you are so wrapped in trying to figure out what is going on with the person you are suspicious of doing wrong.

  12. your cybersister profile image60
    your cybersisterposted 6 years ago

    Like most people, I have suffered emotional pain.  Not a life full of it, thank heavens, but tough periods where I wondered how I was going to make it to the other side.  My worst experience was when I was twenty and invincible - I suffered a very unexpected, very late term miscarriage of a child that I wanted very badly.  Up until then I had led a very charmed life  it was my first real disappointment. This was the first bad thing that ever happened to me and it was VERY bad. Physically, I recovered in a matter of days, but not so mentally.  I was totally haunted until I became pregnant again, but then I suffered the identical fate.  I lost three babies before the doctors figured out my problem - an incompetent cervix - and were able to correct it.  I eventually went on to have three healthy sons over the following thirteen years.  I'm not sure how things would have turned out for me if I had not been able to ever have children. My thought was that I would adopt, but I know that is often another rough road.  I don't think about that rough time much anymore, but when I do (like now) it still brings tears to my eyes and a lump to my throat.  People should NEVER take their children for granted - they are a precious gift.

  13. profile image48
    Wendy1posted 6 years ago

    The worst pain I have ever felt was the loss of my son almost a year ago...and I have not gotten over it and sadly i don't think I ever will.

  14. GarnetBird profile image79
    GarnetBirdposted 3 years ago

    Losing my first husband in a shocking, ruthless affair he was having. After 12 years, you feel you know and trust someone. I lost so much weight from sheer grief and pain, I had to be hospitalized. I overcame it by moving back to o my home state of California, and leaning on friends until I could recover. God helped me, of course!