travel poem -germany

  1. donna bamford profile image60
    donna bamfordposted 8 years ago


    I took a jaunt to Bavaria once,
    American soldiers on the flight to Frankfurt,
    the train  south to Munich,
    more American soldiers,
    and then to Partenkirchen - Garmisch Partenkirchen,
    a ski resort  I had seen once on a poster
    fascinating really
    the facades of the churches and pensions
    frescos of the nativity and other religious scenes
    all very catholic
    I found a cheaper chalet
    with turquoise shutters and chocolate brown facade
    ski hills in the background
    original art in the hallways
    had lunch at the train station with East Germans
    content to stay in East Germany
    as pensioners they were free to travel now
    One day a trip to mad King Ludwig�s castle
    the castle rising out of the snow-enchanted forest
    like a fairy tale
    some Wagnerian chimera
    it was as if the gods
    knew we were coming
    the beauty a shock,
    the fir trees heavy with snow
    their branches like white antlers
    so that  one could not help but marvel
    seduced and hypnotized
    by the stupendous dream.
    The stupendous teutonic dream