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Prohibited items to take when travelling via air

  1. unknown spy profile image76
    unknown spyposted 4 years ago

    Prohibited items to take when travelling via air

    I just read a hub from Lovedoctor that she had to leave behind her things at the airport like perfume, mouthwash, etc. while she's on a trip.
    My friend's niece also bought a newly-purchased big bottle of Victoria Secret and had to leave it on the counter too.

    Who gets to keep these things? Are we allowed to get these items when we come back?

  2. writerbeth profile image74
    writerbethposted 4 years ago

    It's truly a pain when you forget that they limit liquids to 100ml isn't it? Not to mention expensive! Unfortunately, the reason they confiscate them is because of terrorism worries. As this is the case, they  must assume the contents are suspect, so they won't allow you to pick them up again when you get back. They will let you put them in the hold luggage if you haven't checked it in yet, but if you are going through the last gate that isn't much use! There are (supposedly) strict rules on preventing the officials who confiscated it from keeping it, as in, their jobs would be on the line if they were caught. I hope that is true. So, as they think the liquids are suspect, they have to dispose of all those confiscated, they can't give them to charity of anything like that just in case one of them is a bit dodgy. On the upside they do try to recycle as much as they can! Big deal I hear you say! Still, at least it is a start. Hope this helped, Beth

    1. unknown spy profile image76
      unknown spyposted 4 years agoin reply to this

      thank you beth.. i doubt here if they dispose it correctly smile hehehe

  3. Genna East profile image90
    Genna Eastposted 4 years ago

    For the airlines’ current policies:  They haven’t changed much.  I recently returned from a trip out west, and was advised that I couldn’t take more than a very small amount of fluid ounces in my carry-ons.  All articles that I planned to personally take into the plane that contained fluid had to be placed in a plastic bag for the TSA agents to inspect.   

    It is my understanding that if they don’t allow the articles (it’s best to tuck them away in your checked luggage), they toss them in the garbage.   Each airline has its own take on this, and it’s always best to call them or read the “dos and don’ts" on their website before you finish packing.   I hope this helps. :-)