What was your worst flight experience?

  1. wiserworld profile image90
    wiserworldposted 5 years ago

    What was your worst flight experience?

  2. 3amart profile image83
    3amartposted 5 years ago

    I fly a lot and I've had some pretty interesting experiences but the worst was easy to decide on.
    I was flying from Chicago to Houston and this morbidly obese woman was sitting next to me and she couldn't wear a seat belt.  She was that fat.
    And apparently this was totally cool with the airline I was on.
    So, I'm already nervous about this women becoming a missile if we hit some extreme turbulence, which I seem to have a knack for catching flights with a lot of bumpy rides and then she wants to talk non-stop because this is her first flight ever and she's nervous.
    Now, I'm sitting next to the Thing-That-Wouldn't-Shut-Up and then she starts getting comfortable and kinda leans back a bit and starts spilling over into my seat.
    Her voice is making me crazy because she gets winded really easily apparently and she has to suck in air to continue talking between sentences.
    So, to literally stop her from body mass from flowing onto my right side, I put down my armrest.
    Now, she starts copping an attitude, "That's not very comfortable for me."
    "That's a drag." I reply thinking I'm a total problem solver.
    So, she gives me stink eye and she gets a flight attendant and this is the best part.
    I got a lecture about getting along with others on airplanes.
    So I asked if the flight attendant if she was related to Tiny Tina there and I got moved to another seat and another free courtesy lecture from my awesome flight attendant.
    I've never, ever been happier to get off a plane.

  3. JessBraz profile image93
    JessBrazposted 5 years ago

    I've only been on a plane twice. The first time was a perfect experience. Everything was on time. Flight attendants were lovely... Lots of leg room.. No issues.

    The second time we flew with a different airline, and I will never use that airline again. The plane was delayed by over an hour... There was noooo leg room, it was super cramped.. But overall, the flight there was just okay... On the way home was a different story... The flight itself was good- I sucked it up and paid for better seats to get more leg room.. Best $100 I ever spent. It was when we landed that made it miserable.

    We were flying home in the middle of a snow storm, and once we landed, they hadn't plowed the snow from the terminal, so we had to wait before the plane could taxi up and we could disembark... Then after the plane was set to let us off, after waiting in a plane with increasing cranky people, we had to wait further because the airline had failed to ensure they had flight attendants waiting in the airport to let us off the plane.. So we had to wait for the attendants to decide to show up for work so we could get on with our journey home.  Overall, not a nightmare at all, but it was just a lot of little headaches and a sense that the airline didn't really know what the heck they were doing... Not a feeling that inspires you to want to travel with them ever again.


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